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May 27, 2009 12:57 PM

"Must" places to eat in Quebec City

We (my wife, our 15 year old and I) are from Edmonton and are going to be visiting Quebec City for a few days starting Friday. We are interested in suggestions for food experiences that are rather unique or “musts” to Quebec or Quebec City. From street food to upscale (but not pretentious) and are prepared to put up with less than ideal service for really good food.

My initial list of places to try ( from a scan of previous posts on CH ) includes:
Le Pain Béni
Brynd for smoked meat
Café du Monde
Le Café du Clocher penché

We are still not sure, however , about these:
Cafe de la Paix
Le Feu Sacré
Ashton for poutine
Le Paris-Brest -
Chez Temporel for croissants
Tatum -for brioche, cinnamon buns and other such pastries Le Graffiti
Le moine échanson for dinner
Le Cercle for Spanish style tapas
Le Aviatics Club for tapas like menu but with French food.
Toast- for upscale worth the price

We don't have very much on street food.

We would appreciate your feedback and recommendations on our choices and more information on all or any additions.

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  1. Ashton is great, I live in Montreal for a few years now and I still long for Ashton when a poutine craving hit me.

    For a sandwich if you are downtown - Basse-ville in St-Roch (close to l'Utopie and Clocher penché) try one of these two places that I loved

    - La Boîte à Pain 289, rue Saint-Joseph Est,
    - Pâtisserie De Blanchet 435, Saint-Joseph Est

    This is a cool site for restaurants info in the St-Roch neighborhood

    Love the Aviatic, Toast ( I had an AMAZING diner over there), Café du monde, Clocher Penché, Brynd (oh yes it's so good, but far from "downtown"...but worth it I guess).

    Suggestion: I love Il Matto (home made style italian food) in Sainte-Foy (Myrand street) and very close,in front of Il Matto, Le café du temps perdu (that I prefere over Tatum


    Don't know if I would recommend L'initiale

    For a good beer, nachos or breakfast why not go to the Cosmos (grande allée or sainte-foy) not so original but very nice.

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      1. Oh, I am sorry for your son, near the Delta there is a restaurant on St-John street, le Veau d'Or for dinner It could be great. Really not far and also Café Le Hobbit on the same street that could help you a little bit. In front of Delta a city transportation and you could go on Cartier street at Café Sirocco and le Cochon Dingue and la Scala. That would be easy ask the concierge at the Delta, they will help you out
        Enjoy you stay in Quebec! and hope your son will be ok.

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        1. re: phyero

          Our first meal in Quebec city was lunch at Le Pain Beni, very good. We took a taxi there and we walked back to the hotel ( a bit of a challenge for my son but he made it OK) We have reservations for diner at Le Echaude for tonight.
          Would you recommend a good breakfast place near our hotel ( Delta)? We enjoy good coffee ( lattes) , croissants, muffins, fruit etc.

          1. re: felix the hound

            I am not sure but Première Moisson near the Delta are good for breakfast or maybe le Cochon Dingue or Tutti Frutti near your hotel. Ask the concierge he will guide you!

            1. re: felix the hound

              Head to Paillard for coffee and croissants etc. You are probably best off taking a taxi - while it's not a far walk, it could be a bit challenging with crutches, especially if it's still raining. (When I was there a few years back, I was dealing with a nasty knee injury, and hobbled around everywhere - I remember how difficult it was to get around, even short distances)

          2. I don't get the fascination with Ashton. A friend from Quebec raved about their poutine so when I went to visit I tried it. Just a normal poutine you can get anywhere from any burger joint. Maybe they don't have anything better there I don't know, but it's really sub-par.

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            1. re: Werzoth

              Couldn't agree more. I have friends from Quebec who realize it's not very good, too. Unfortunately, they also don't seem to have any better, at least not right in town.

              1. re: Shattered

                Hey Felix,
                Where else did you end up going and can you tell us your review of Le Echaude and other places you dined or had lunch.

                1. re: Porto

                  Oui! I will be visiting Vieux Quebec June 29-Aug 2. I would like to know where to eat, too.

                  1. re: Porto

                    Sorry, I was away for a while, I hope it is not too late to respond.
                    We had an above average dinner at L'Echaude, I would definitively go back, good wine list, classic room.
                    Had an excellent breakfast and went back for lunch at le Hobbit .
                    As for Le Café du Clocher Penché, I am ambivalent, maybe because the menu was limited and my teenager son did not have a good choice, maybe because we got there a bit late, or maybe because my "paella" was tasty but more like a risotto and the feature giant prawn was overcooked and tough, maybe it was an off night, but we did not experience "the magic". Interesting neighborhood though.
                    Unfortunately I had to attend two dinner functions, one at the conference centre ( it was very good for a mass produced dinner) and the riverboat tour ( average buffet) which limited our chowhounding.
                    As for Brynd, it is not Schwartz's, but if you are craving smoked meat, it will do.
                    Lastly, most kitchen's close relatively early in Quebec City, much to our surprise.

              2. Personaly I would skip Tatum.. you can have great coffe at Temporel. On rue Cartier, also Café Krieghoff is really nice for a coffee, a lunch or a snack

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