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House of Blues (Dallas)

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Anyone have any experiences here? Especially wondering about the gospel brunch. Kind of hard from the website to see what it is exactly. It appears to be a buffet with a show of some kind.

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  1. We did the gospel brunch for Easter last year and while it was different, we felt a little rushed and thought the food was not as good as what we expected. The show itself was also a let down since the full choir was not performing. We have not been back. I'll give them a pass since it was Easter and they were serving 3 times in stead of their standard 2.

    1. If you are headed there for a show, the food is decent. When I went, dinner guests going to the show went through some priority line up to a certain time. Thus, it was worth it to just arrive early and grab a bite. I would never go there just to eat, but if I were catching a show again, I would consider eating there pre-show.

      1. The gospel is run of the mill, not impressive, if you really get into gospel music (KNON mornings before 7am, if you don't know what I mean, you are not a true fan LOL). Breakfast is, well, cafeteria-grade at best, you are rushed through as there are two sittings/shows Sunday mornings. Go there to say you've been, like you went to Medieval Times the one time.