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May 27, 2009 12:27 PM

House of Blues (Dallas)

Anyone have any experiences here? Especially wondering about the gospel brunch. Kind of hard from the website to see what it is exactly. It appears to be a buffet with a show of some kind.

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  1. We did the gospel brunch for Easter last year and while it was different, we felt a little rushed and thought the food was not as good as what we expected. The show itself was also a let down since the full choir was not performing. We have not been back. I'll give them a pass since it was Easter and they were serving 3 times in stead of their standard 2.

    1. If you are headed there for a show, the food is decent. When I went, dinner guests going to the show went through some priority line up to a certain time. Thus, it was worth it to just arrive early and grab a bite. I would never go there just to eat, but if I were catching a show again, I would consider eating there pre-show.

      1. The gospel is run of the mill, not impressive, if you really get into gospel music (KNON mornings before 7am, if you don't know what I mean, you are not a true fan LOL). Breakfast is, well, cafeteria-grade at best, you are rushed through as there are two sittings/shows Sunday mornings. Go there to say you've been, like you went to Medieval Times the one time.