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May 8, 2009 06:43 AM

Bloody Mary recipes

anyone has a favorite recipe?

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  1. 1 cup Tomato Juice
    Lemon Juice, fresh squeezed 1/2 lemon or to taste
    Lime juice freshly squeezed 1 lime or to taste
    a pinch of celery salt
    3-4 grindings of fresh black pepper
    a dash of Lea & Perrins
    Tabasco to taste

    Combine, let sit for an hour or two. Pour a shot of Hangar One into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with the bloody mix. I like a little more mix than vodka. A salt rim is optional, I love a salt rim with a lime zest salt. Garnish with a celery stalk, a cut of lemon & a cut of lime.


    this is a tart mix which I love. You can cut or add more citrus juice.

    If you have a juicer, take canned Italian or domestic peeled tomatoes and run them thru the juicer instead of the tomato juice. You need a juicer that will take out the skins and seeds but let some of the pulp thru. You can use a hand cranked mouli etc with the fine screen installed. Do not use a blender or food processor.

    In season, just save up your juice as you slice or chop tomatoes for a Caprese, panzanella or checca and use that.

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      BTW make that celery seed, not celery salt.

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        I think you were right the first time with celery salt.

    2. Mine is pretty generic, but I still stick with this

      10 oz good tomato juice, I like Clamato or you can also use V8 too which is good flavor
      3 oz vodka. I prefer the Absolute Pepper vodka, but any good vodka will work
      1/2 teaspoon horseradish sauce or to your taste
      1/2 lemon juiced
      1 dash worcestershire and a dash of hot sauce
      Celery salt

      Garnish the rim by rubbing the lemon over it and dipping in celery salt, then garnish with a small whole jalapeno and fresh celery ribs

      1. substitute a flavorful, spicy clear spirit such as aquavit, gin, or good blanco tequila instead of flavor-neutral vodka. Add a few dashes of celery bitters, if you can find 'em. Sacramento brand tomato juice is the best canned variety.

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          Agreed. I like caraway Akvavit + Zingzang + celery seed.

        2. Three Olives Tomato Vodka and top off with the mix of your choice.

          I did run across a recipe in a magazine a few weeks ago that muddled tomatoes as the base, it looked interesting. When the tomatoes are in season here I may have to try that one.

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            Muddling tomatoes seems like a terrible idea. First off, they don't contain any essential oils that would be released through muddling as, say, mint or citrus. I'd think that tomato skins are too thin to really release any flavors that you couldn't get through juicing. Plus if you don't strain out all the pulp and seeds, you'll never be able to drink this. Best to use good canned juice (not a mix) or juice your own. Also, tomato-flavored vodka isn't going to add anything. Better off finding a spice-infused vodka, or better yet, a less boring spirit (gin, aquavit, etc.) in order to get a balance of sweet and spicy flavors. You don't want a one-dimensional drink here...

            1. re: craigasaurus

              I never said the tomato flavored vodka added anything, it just makes a good bloody mary IMHO, I spice them up plenty with tabasco, lea and perrins, pepper, horseradish and spiced beans and okra

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                ok, if it doesn't add anything why pay extra for it?

                My favorite Bloody Mary is pretty simple:
                Vodka or Gin (i've been using Gin lately because it is around the house, but after adding the Tomato juice and seasonings i really can't tell it is gin, and to beat this dead horse once again, if i can't tell it is gin, i know you can't tell Smirnoff from Grey goose, Belvedere or what ever the designer vodka of the month is)
                tomato Juice or V8
                juice or half a key lime (or equivalent amount)
                good shake of tabasco
                about a teaspoon of Lea and Perrins.

                No horseradish, veggies, herbs, etc. I like to drink a drink not gazpacho or cocktail sauce with vodka. no offense to all you who do.

                In a surly mood,

                1. re: TroyTempest

                  I like it because I can add more vodka and get drunk without it messing with the taste. lol

          2. The original comment has been removed