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May 27, 2009 11:53 AM

Trendy Restaurant for Foodies

Hello, I have friends visiting this Saturday who are fans of big ticket dinners like Masa but don't want to go there again. They love Nobu but would like to try some new place in the city. Doesn't have to be sushi, but on the trendier side. They like to eat at the best restaurants in cities they visit, any suggestions on such a short notice for reservations this weekend? Thanks! I appreciate it!

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  1. Why don't you go on opentable for Saturday with the time you want and the number of people and see what pops up. If you read the board you'll see a lot about Jean Georges, Eleven Madison Park, The Modern, Bouley. Other great spots: Veritas, Scalini Fedeli, Buddakan is trendy and the food is good....

    1. I loved my dinner at the bar room in the Modern. You can have dinner either in the bar room or in the more formal dining room. I loved everything about my dinner there.

        1. If you can get Minetta Tavern (although prolly only at 11:30pm at night). Could do something like Del Posto, Perry St.

          Maybe try a newer restaurant like John Dory? None of these are as pricey as Masa - but I think quite trendy.

          1. Corton and Shang are pretty new. Corton is tough to get reservations (call do not use Maybe with an Amex platinum card . . .