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Trendy Restaurant for Foodies

Hello, I have friends visiting this Saturday who are fans of big ticket dinners like Masa but don't want to go there again. They love Nobu but would like to try some new place in the city. Doesn't have to be sushi, but on the trendier side. They like to eat at the best restaurants in cities they visit, any suggestions on such a short notice for reservations this weekend? Thanks! I appreciate it!

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  1. Why don't you go on opentable for Saturday with the time you want and the number of people and see what pops up. If you read the board you'll see a lot about Jean Georges, Eleven Madison Park, The Modern, Bouley. Other great spots: Veritas, Scalini Fedeli, Buddakan is trendy and the food is good....

    1. I loved my dinner at the bar room in the Modern. You can have dinner either in the bar room or in the more formal dining room. I loved everything about my dinner there.

        1. If you can get Minetta Tavern (although prolly only at 11:30pm at night). Could do something like Del Posto, Perry St.

          Maybe try a newer restaurant like John Dory? None of these are as pricey as Masa - but I think quite trendy.

          1. Corton and Shang are pretty new. Corton is tough to get reservations (call do not use opentable.com). Maybe with an Amex platinum card . . .

            1. Go to the Modern - Dining Room, you'll not regret it.

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                My one problem with The Modern Dining Room is that it is far noisier than it should be, and that's because they've not done a good job of filtering out the high noise level coming from the adjacent Bar Room. Yes, there is a wall separating the two spaces, but that wall has a giant opening towards the back. We asked why they did not close it off and were told it is the only access patrons from the Bar Room have to the rest rooms. Ridiculous! Of course, they should have designed the Bar Room space from the start so that the noise level is not so high. Imo, whoever designed the two spaces totally dropped the ball with regard to the noise issue.

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                  honestly - I sat near the "wall" and the Bar was packed - I didn't think the noise was bad and definitely found it less loud than Scarpetta, Babbo - and maybe even J-G at Lunch with all the noise coming from nougatine room. The food makes up for ANY noise issues, IMO.

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                    I have heard about the high noise levels at Scarpetta and especially at Babbo.

                    We've been to Jean George twice, and neither time did I hear any noise coming the very busy Nougatine. When we had dinner, we were seated in one of the two cozy alcove nooks which back right up against Nougatine, and at lunch, we were seated across the room at a center table directly in front of the windows.

                    As for The Modern Dining Room, the cuisine we had was truly spectacular and service so spot on (no surprise at a Danny Meyer restaurant) that I would not hesitate to return. I also liked the space with its lovely view of the Sculpture Garden, so I think a more gentle noise level would enhance the experience even further.

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                      I would agree that Babbo is loudest of all. I haven't been to Scarpetta.

                      Unless you were sitting at one of the two tables just inside the entrance to JG (where I have never sat), I don't understand how you could hear any noise from Nougatine.

                      As for the Modern, I was there for lunch (on a Tuesday). The noise level was so loud that it becomes the only thing making me hesitant to return in a heartbeat for Kreuther's amazing food.

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                        I guess going solo I don't mind loud - unless it is obnoxious/drunkeness - and I'd not hesitate to return to any of the above due to noise.

                        I was 3 tables from the Nougatine door, just left to the alcove first on the right - I could definitely hear it.

                        If I had to rank from loudest to most quiet: Babbo (Downstairs, back right corner from front door) > Scarpetta (front area, right of Bar, second table from window) > Jean Georges (as above) > The Modern (Back to the bar room, left side - diagonal to the bathrooms)

                2. went to corton last week. got a table for the night we called (wed) - a 9:30 sitting. have to say that i wasn't really overcome with joy and satisfaction, even though i was hoping to be. was good, well presented, but i don't leave compelled to come back.

                  1. Where did you decide to go? Please report back on your experience.