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May 27, 2009 11:21 AM

Board favorite restaurant veggie burgers?

I recently had the housemade veggie burger at The Druid and it was the best veggie burger I've ever had. I didn't think I liked zucchini, and there was a lot of zucchini in it, but the whole thing was delicious, lots of flavor, good texture. It also stayed together well. All in all the perfect sandwich. I eat meat, and The Druid's fish and chips are great, but I'd order this everytime I go back.

In contrast, I also recently had the vegan burger at Deep Ellum and it was truly awful. "Grilled seitan" had no flavor and strange texture. But it was the no flavor that really killed me. Never ordering that again.

I would love to hear about other great, preferably housemade, veggie burgers. I'd like to try some more.

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    1. My faves are the homemade veggie burger at Christophers in Porter Sq and the black bean burger at Highland Kitchen. I recently had the veggie burger at Upstairs on the Square and thought it was very good, but not as fantastic as Christophers or HK. I really wanted to like the one at Common Ground in Allston and didn't, ditto for Public House in Brookline (but that is likely a very good veggie burger that just has too much curry for my personal tastes).

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        Second the veggie burger at Christophers!

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          The housemade one that changes at Christophers is always the best in my experience - I don't order anything else there as a result.

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            All the times I went to Christopher's and never knew to order the veggie burger!

          2. the veggie burgers at publick house are really good. i can't stand that place - something about it just makes my skin crawl (the staff's attitude on several visits hasn't helped endear the place to me) - but suck it up every now and then for a veggie burger.

            1. I second the Druids as the best in the city. A close second is the veggie burger at the river gods and their fries are also killer.

              1. I love the bean burger at Audubon Circle near Kenmore Square. A decent veggie burger is served at Washington Square Tavern with their yummy sweet potato fries. Sometimes, it's all about the fries!