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Board favorite restaurant veggie burgers?

I recently had the housemade veggie burger at The Druid and it was the best veggie burger I've ever had. I didn't think I liked zucchini, and there was a lot of zucchini in it, but the whole thing was delicious, lots of flavor, good texture. It also stayed together well. All in all the perfect sandwich. I eat meat, and The Druid's fish and chips are great, but I'd order this everytime I go back.

In contrast, I also recently had the vegan burger at Deep Ellum and it was truly awful. "Grilled seitan" had no flavor and strange texture. But it was the no flavor that really killed me. Never ordering that again.

I would love to hear about other great, preferably housemade, veggie burgers. I'd like to try some more.

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    1. My faves are the homemade veggie burger at Christophers in Porter Sq and the black bean burger at Highland Kitchen. I recently had the veggie burger at Upstairs on the Square and thought it was very good, but not as fantastic as Christophers or HK. I really wanted to like the one at Common Ground in Allston and didn't, ditto for Public House in Brookline (but that is likely a very good veggie burger that just has too much curry for my personal tastes).

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        Second the veggie burger at Christophers!

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          The housemade one that changes at Christophers is always the best in my experience - I don't order anything else there as a result.

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            All the times I went to Christopher's and never knew to order the veggie burger!

          2. the veggie burgers at publick house are really good. i can't stand that place - something about it just makes my skin crawl (the staff's attitude on several visits hasn't helped endear the place to me) - but suck it up every now and then for a veggie burger.

            1. I second the Druids as the best in the city. A close second is the veggie burger at the river gods and their fries are also killer.

              1. I love the bean burger at Audubon Circle near Kenmore Square. A decent veggie burger is served at Washington Square Tavern with their yummy sweet potato fries. Sometimes, it's all about the fries!

                1. Lots of fine choices already posted. I'll add Atwood Tavern's to the mix. Housemade with black beans and misc grains (not sure)...delicious. Fries, beer and wine list are good, too. In fact, I have enjoyed everything there. If you're lucky, there will be live bluegrass to accompany your meal.

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                    I tried the veggie burger at Atwood's last week based on this post. I love the fact that it was homemade, but I found it a bit more bland then I'd like (and I generally expect a bland veggie burger). It was fine, but nothing I'd go out of my way for. My DC who also had one said the same thing. The sweet potato fries seemed to have promise but were , slightly burned and a bit limp. The service was slow but friendly (our waitress was very busy, not totally her fault) and at the end of our meal our she took our money, dissappeared for 10-15 minutes and we had to track her down for change. We'd planned on leaving a good tip, but not 50% of the bill. (She said she didn't realize we'd needed change). The live music, atmosphere, and beer were great so I'll go back and try again at some point since it could have been an off night in the kitchen.

                  2. The Met Bar in Natick (not in Ch Hill) has a FANTASTIC homemade veggie burger, and you can get lots of add ons - it was fantastic.

                    Great thread - a truly good veggie burger is hard to find...

                    1. So disappointed with Publick House's burger - it had been talked up a lot too. My all time favorite is a haul, but if you're on Martha's Vineyard this summer, Espresso Love has the best I've had ever

                      1. Second on Aububon's bean burger: so good I often forgo their excellent burger and new pressed ribeye sandwich for it.

                        A good fast-food version is the bright-green thing at Four Burgers in Central Square.


                        1. I dig the veggie burger at The Burren -- it's a sort of curry patty with lots of veggies.

                          1. The Middle East has a tasty one that is like a differently spiced falafel.

                              1. Flour in the South End has a housemade one available this week as a take-away dinner option. I tried it last night - really delicious.

                                1. Had one at Atwood's the other day - was downright tasty!

                                  1. Veggie burgers are usually great or the opposite--little middle ground--so they make a risky order. Thanks, desuka, for this useful post!

                                    The Druid and Four Burgers are two favorites. I agree with yarm about the Middle East's version, though not everyone will love their spice-spin.

                                    1. Friday night I went to Four Burgers in Central Sq. The veggie burger was really good! It was a tasty, mostly black bean patty and held together very well. It reminded me a bit of a Dr. Praegers California burger meets black bean burger. The fries were also fresh and good - I loved that you could get half regular fries, half sweet potato. It was $30 for two burgers, tons of fries, and a couple beers. The cookie we got for dessert wasn't very good, but I'd go back for burgers and beer. Very pleasantly surprised!

                                      1. We went to Roadhouse in Brookline before they had the smoker debacle, and my son's veggie burger may have been the best thing we ordered. House-made, full of veggies and quite tasty. Looks like it's on the new menu, too.

                                        1. Blunch in the south end has a great veggie burger sandwich.

                                          1. Since my last post, I have found a new favorite. I love love love Houston's Veggie burger (Quincy Market of all places). It is grilled and has a little sweetness. They coat it in a glaze and it comes with wonderful thin cut fries. It is expensive but worth it.

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                                              Houston's has always been my favorite veggie burger and I was disappointed to not see it on the online menu for the Boston location recently. I hope your post means it's back or I just missed it! Agree the fries are great too.