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May 27, 2009 11:04 AM

Where is the best Red Velvet Cake?

I have an urge for old fashioned Red Velvet Cake. There are some good attempts at local bakeries but nothing quite hits the spot. Can anyone recommend someplace in LA? Thank you.

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  1. The Cobbler Lady on Crenshaw Blvd. Old school style red velvet cake and cupcakes with a hint of cocoa and frosting done just right. FYI, I've found the cupcakes to be more consistent in flavor and texture than the cake as the cake has been a little dry a couple of times. Nevertheless, it's the most authentic I've had anywhere in town which may not necessarily suit some people's expectations and tastes of what red velvet should be like... worth a try though if you're searching.

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      Portos. I didnt see Velvet Cake listed on the website but I know they make it.

    2. Red Velvet is my favorite!! I just had probably the best one from a place called LARK in Silverlake...not sure where, but I'm sure they have a website...Also, for cupcakes, the best I've found (better than all the cupcake bakeries) is at Toast, on 3rd. Just try to go first thing in the AM, as they are usually sold out by early afternoon. Also, it gets crazy with young Hollywood, and parking sucks...

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        tried the red velvet cake from LARK for a family b-day party. not only delicious, but beautiful.

        not as crazy about their cupcakes, but we will be going back to order that beautiful, delectable red velvet cake.

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          I agree. I picked up some cupcakes a while back, and while good, the cake blow the cupcakes away.

      2. And just so we are on the same page...I like my red velvet to be very moist, and a sort of dark reddish brown..NOT super fake red (Auntie Ems) or dry (Crumbs). Also, the frosting has to be a bit on the savory side...very cream-cheesy, less frosting-y...

        1. I love the red velvet cupcakes/cake at SusieCakes, and was also impressed with the ones at Sweet Lady Jane. Both are supremely moist, and SusieCakes' cupcakes come with an additional squirt of cream cheese frosting in the middle. Delish!

          SusieCakes Bakery
          11708 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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            I also like the red velvet @ Susie Cakes.

          2. I know this doesn't help your urge.
            But, Big Mista's BBQ has a great red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting too.
            I don't think they make it. Sometimes when I get there early the lady says it hasn't been delivered yet.

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            1. re: monku

              Our cupcakes are made by MrsMista's cousin Ernae from scratch. She does most of our desserts. I often pray for one of them to fall or get messed up so I can eat it..