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Where is the best Red Velvet Cake?

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I have an urge for old fashioned Red Velvet Cake. There are some good attempts at local bakeries but nothing quite hits the spot. Can anyone recommend someplace in LA? Thank you.

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  1. The Cobbler Lady on Crenshaw Blvd. Old school style red velvet cake and cupcakes with a hint of cocoa and frosting done just right. FYI, I've found the cupcakes to be more consistent in flavor and texture than the cake as the cake has been a little dry a couple of times. Nevertheless, it's the most authentic I've had anywhere in town which may not necessarily suit some people's expectations and tastes of what red velvet should be like... worth a try though if you're searching.

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      Portos. I didnt see Velvet Cake listed on the website but I know they make it.


    2. Red Velvet is my favorite!! I just had probably the best one from a place called LARK in Silverlake...not sure where, but I'm sure they have a website...Also, for cupcakes, the best I've found (better than all the cupcake bakeries) is at Toast, on 3rd. Just try to go first thing in the AM, as they are usually sold out by early afternoon. Also, it gets crazy with young Hollywood, and parking sucks...

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        tried the red velvet cake from LARK for a family b-day party. not only delicious, but beautiful.

        not as crazy about their cupcakes, but we will be going back to order that beautiful, delectable red velvet cake.

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          I agree. I picked up some cupcakes a while back, and while good, the cake blow the cupcakes away.

      2. And just so we are on the same page...I like my red velvet to be very moist, and a sort of dark reddish brown..NOT super fake red (Auntie Ems) or dry (Crumbs). Also, the frosting has to be a bit on the savory side...very cream-cheesy, less frosting-y...

        1. I love the red velvet cupcakes/cake at SusieCakes, and was also impressed with the ones at Sweet Lady Jane. Both are supremely moist, and SusieCakes' cupcakes come with an additional squirt of cream cheese frosting in the middle. Delish!

          SusieCakes Bakery
          11708 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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            I also like the red velvet @ Susie Cakes.

          2. I know this doesn't help your urge.
            But, Big Mista's BBQ has a great red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting too.
            I don't think they make it. Sometimes when I get there early the lady says it hasn't been delivered yet.

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              Our cupcakes are made by MrsMista's cousin Ernae from scratch. She does most of our desserts. I often pray for one of them to fall or get messed up so I can eat it..

            2. Without a doubt the best one that I've had anywhere is at Nickel Diner. Their peanut salt cake is pretty incredible too.

              1. I don't claim to have tried them all, but I have tried several. My favorite Red Velvet cake so far is from Jongewaard’s Bake and Broil in Long Beach. They make a cream cheese based frosting which is definitely on the sweet side.

                Jongewaard’s Bake 'n Broil
                3697 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

                1. With the two I list below all you need to add is a nice white cake and you are ready for the 4th of July and some serious fireworks.

                  Jongewaard's Bake & Broil (Sexy deep dark moist Red Velvet cake -- by the slice or the whole large cake, small cake or cupcakes)
                  3697 Atlantic Ave.
                  Long Beach

                  Milk (Sexy moist Blue Velvet cake by the slice or the whole cake)
                  7290 Beverly Boulevard
                  Los Angeles 90036\
                  (323) 939-6455

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                    Agree on Jongewaard's.....had it tonight and it was good, I don't know about sexy looking though.

                    1. re: monku

                      "...don't know about sexy...?" Well OK monku. We all have our own ideas about what looks sexy. In another post I said that cake was "a sexy naughty crimson topped with a creamy white frosting that takes the cake beyond suggestive -- it is provocative!" Actually, Jongewaard's does not get into producing a perfecly formed (flat on the top) kind of production. It sometimes looks a little more roughed-up, like it had a hard night, and what you see is " the morning after." Which is to say,with all that deep dark red with white lace this cake is still very good looking and inviting, and so, IMHO this "cake" is provocative and all I want to do is bite it again, and again, and...

                      Now, don't get me started on their Lemon Lush" pie which I would rename "Lemon Lust."

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                        No complaints....$8.25 Burger Special includes drink and slice of that RVC.

                        Jongewaard’s Bake 'n Broil
                        3697 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

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                          Yeah, that burger special is one of LA's best meal deals. The burger, a drink and a slice of pie or cake. I really do not understand all the hype about Apple pan or Pie & Burger when those places charge 2 or 3 thimes the price and there is nothing special about their buns. Jongewaard's has very nice buns.

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                            Yes, the best place to sit is at the counter to see the nice cakes and pies.

                            The place has the most bizzare configuration...half the time I'm walking behind the counter when I come back from the mens room or I'm almost hitting someone with the door when I come out.

                  2. I've had many well known red velvet cake-type morsels in LA. My favorite by far is made by the highly underrated bakery La Maison Du Pain in Miracle Mile. The first time I had it, I devoured the whole thing. Had to go back and make sure the deliciousness wasn't a fluke. The outside was a tad crunchy, the inside super moist, nice amount of cocoa flavor without tasting cloyingly strong/sugar, just the right amount of light, flavorful cream cheese frosting, the tone of red isn't scary bright. YUM.

                    La Maison Du Pain
                    5373 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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                      La Maison Du Pain is, by no means, 'highly underrated.
                      Everything in the place is stellar.
                      I had an issue awhile back regarding a couple of their items that I knew had been sitting in the refrigerated case a bit too long but I'm back as a regular once more.
                      Their red velvet is fantastic.

                      1. re: latindancer

                        Yes I love them too. I just meant their red velvet cupcakes in particular get overshadowed by the lesser likes of Sprinkles/Crumbs.

                    2. 1. Ralph's bakery - yes, Ralph's. They sell by the slice so you don't have to commit to a whole cake in order to try it.

                      2. Milk

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                        1. re: J.L.

                          I have to agree....Ralphs has really good Red Velvet Cupcakes....they are Huge and sell them individually in the bakery. SOOOOO good!

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                            Remembering this thread, when I was at Ralph's yesterday, I picked up a mini red velvet cake from their bakery.

                            Gotta say, it was surprisingly good although the best part was the cake itself.

                            The cream cheese frosting was pretty weak; thin, a little sour and missing the richness of a well made frosting.

                              1. re: vinosnob

                                I had a slice of Ralphs red velvet cake for my birthday and I have to say that I actually like the fact that the frosting was thin, since I'm not a huge frosting person (even if it's good). I thought it had a pretty pronounced cream cheese taste too, which I liked.

                            1. re: J.L.

                              I agree, Ralphs Red Velvet cake & cupcakes are delicous! Ralphs was the first place I tried Red Velvet Cale (believe it or not). I have also tried Sweet Lady Janes, My Little Cupcake, Sprinkles and SuzieCakes. Suzie Cakes is th best of the rest, but Ralphs is really good (I like the slightly sour - tart- cream cheese ) frosting

                            2. I would also have to say that Wonderland Baker in Newport Beeach has really good Red Velvet...I know not LA but still yumm and somewhat close.

                              1. Bludso's in Compton comes to mind.

                                1. I just ordered a red velvet cake for my first trip to phillip's bbq in leimert park over the memorial day weekend. Not only was it the best bbq i've had in la (i ordered the tri-tip and rib tips), but it was also the best cake i've ever eaten. it was profoundly moist, sweet (but not too sweet), buttery goodness. it was also gigantic! 1 slice could easily fill 3 people. i definitely recommend it way over any of these cutesy bakeries or cupcake shops.

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                                  1. The Nickel Diner, hands down.

                                    1. DOUGHBOY's on Third used to be my favorite...(are they shut down forever?). Barring that, I think BLUEBIRD CAFE in culver city makes the best red velvet...its just in cupcake form but really awesome!

                                      And finally, I've tried several recipes at home and its really sort of gross (when you think about it too much) the amount of red food coloring that goes into most recipes. I've experimented wit h the recipe and ommitted the food coloring...and it takes just as good. The beet juice adds something different, not bad, but different. An earthier taste...whereas red food coloring doesn't add any flavor at all. Good luck!

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                                        1. re: Lynndsey Rigberg

                                          Unless something drastic has changed, Bluebird does a cake, my SO got one for my birthday a couple years back, I'm still rolling around on the floor in sheer delight!

                                        2. OMG, I was responding to another post when I suddenly remembered Jamaica's Cakes. They have an amazing red velvet. What was I thinking? Theirs is the best because its not sickly sweet and their cream cheese frosting is so awesome.


                                          1. i'm gonna send you to Inglewood.

                                            MS.RUBYS BAKERY
                                            404 E Manchester Blvd
                                            Inglewood, CA 90301

                                            Big slices of Red Velvet Cake, moist as all get out.

                                            pic: http://static.px.yelp.com/bphoto/xAjo...

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                                              Thank you for posting Ms. Ruby's. I was looking for her address. The BEST Red Velvet Cake I've ever tasted. Fresh, light, baked right there. The best.

                                            2. Milk on Beverly & Poinsettia has great red velvet cake. they also have blue velvet cake. Looks gnarly. Tastes great. Leaves you with a blue tongue (if you like that sort of thing).

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                                                  MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, pureeeed Smurfs.

                                                  the best is when you start making out with a blue tongue.

                                              1. I got a red velvet cake from Cake Bakeshop in Manhattan Beach for my birthday in April.


                                                It was excellent... dense, moist cake that's on the brownish side of brown-red. Tangy, rich cream cheese frosting that was maybe a touch too sweet, but the combination was delicious. I believe they also sell cupcakes.

                                                1. LOVE the red velvet cupcakes from Heirloom bakery in South Pasadena. Although I've had a bit dry one at times if you get them at the right time they're great. Dark brown with hint of dark red crumb and beautifully decorated with cream cheese frosting.

                                                  1. The red velvet cake at Hotcakes Bakes ( a cute, upscale-ish bakery in the middle of a very vibrant, if somewhat ragged section of Culver City) was a huge hit at our pre-prop 8 wedding and I have been ordered to bring it to a friend's house for 4th of July.

                                                    Hotcakes Bakes is on Centinela, just south of Culver -- can't do the cool links that others do, but maybe someone can.

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                                                    1. re: NAspy

                                                      - just south of Washington - around the corner from B&B Hardware and Sazon...

                                                      1. re: NAspy

                                                        centinela and washington right?

                                                      2. Frank from Doughboys is still making his red velvet by special order. He's doing cakes for my wedding!!!

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                                                          That cake is SO good! Every time I'm back in LA, I email Frank to pick up a few cakes. I've even asked him to ship out to NYC (and NYC bakeries are amazing) because no one makes red velvet like Doughboys!

                                                        2. barbix in silver lake has one of the best red velvet desserts i have ever had. so worth it. moist and dipped in chocolate. yum!

                                                          1. Kiss My Bundt bakery on 3rd is right up there!

                                                            Good, old fashioned cake but the light, fluffy cream cheese frosting is the real highlight.

                                                            1. I actually made a red velvet cake last weekend using this recipe http://www.howcast.com/videos/139827-... It was really easy to make and I did a combination of red food coloring and beet juice. To be honest it was actually the first REAL cake I had made that didn't come out of the box and I was pretty impressed. Hope you find the recipe useful!!

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                                                                All well, and good, but the L.A. Chowboard is for reviews of NON-homemade food (restaurants, bakeries, etc). For recipes sharing, please post this on the "home cooking" board.

                                                              2. No one has said Porto's Bakery yet? By far the best red velvet cake, and it has that savory, slightly sour, frosting. It's so rich, so delicious. It's not too sweet, which may have be a turn-off to a few. It's also gorgeous to behold.

                                                                Porto's Bakery
                                                                315 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

                                                                1. Loved the icing ang moist red velvet at Susie Cakes...The other cupcakes were above average (meaning better than most). They opened a branch in Manhattan Beach last week, Believe they have them in Brentwood, Newport, and Calabasas. Here is a web site: