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May 27, 2009 11:03 AM

Good Banh Mi in the Hollywood/Koreatown area?

With KP's Deli in Silver Lake sadly gone, I'm on the hunt again for a good banh mi in the East Hollywood / Melrose / Koreatown area....any suggestions? I would prefer not to have to make the trek out to Alhambra and would imagine that there's some delicious options somewhere a bit more in the neighborhood....

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  1. Unfortunately there's not. The only place I know to get them is at Gingergrass and they're $9 each. Shocking!

    Cheap, good banh mi are incompatible with Melrose-type rents.

    1. No.
      But here is a thread with all the likely prospects, all around Silver Lake, not Hollywood.

      1. the banh mi is quite good at VIET NOODLE BAR on glendale ave. in atwater village adjacent to silver lake. the bread is baked to his recipe. the sardine is our fave.

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        1. re: revets2

          How is the baguette at Viet Noodle? That is key for me. Is the bread warmed or served cold?

          Thank you!

          1. re: bruinike

            Viet makes the baguetts. They are true French baguetts, thin with a crispy crust and yes they are warmed. They're about $6.

            1. re: Grog

              YUUUM! I am sold. Thank you for the report

        2. The *only* good banh mi I've had in this area is Viet Noodle Bar - it's marginally more expensive than the $2 little saigon cheapies, and it's smaller, but it's wonderful - balanced, beautiful bread, finely controlled ingredients.

          1. Little out of your requested area but there are a couple places in Chinatown that are pretty good. The ladies who run the truck at the corner of Alpine and Spring are back with a brand spanking new vehicle out of which they serve their sandwiches. Their fillings are the best in the neighborhood and the $2.50 price tag can't be beat. The baguettes is hit or miss but they are warmed.

            Also, Lien Hoa on Broadway is very good. Their baguette is always perfect but they are a little less authentic (no pate on the sandwiches for example). A bit more expensive than the truck. I recommend their roast pig banh mi. It's the perfect mix of crunchy skin, unctuous fat and tasty meat to complement the pickled veg.

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            1. re: mrgreenbeenz

              Is that the place next to the Pho Hien? If so - then it's my favorite in Chinatown, too. Good nem nuong - pork sausage.

              1. re: Thi N.

                Not sure about Pho Hien. It's next to Peking Poultry and also near the mall with Sam Woo BBQ and Pho 97.

                1. re: mrgreenbeenz

                  Ah - I've never been to that one. The one I like is in the front of Chinatown, next to Pho Hoa, I think... it's called... uh.. Buu Dien? (Vietnamse for "post office").

              2. re: mrgreenbeenz

                Any idea approximately what hours the Alpine/Spring truck keeps?

                1. re: Dylan

                  Hours are dodgy. When asked they claim to stay open until 8pm but I have never actually seen them there that late. Probably best to hit 'em up well before 7. No idea when they open but they're usually there at lunchtime.

                2. re: mrgreenbeenz

                  Recent topic on downtown Vietnamese:

                  Interesting that Lien Hoa has called themselves 'Chinese BBQ'. I have tried restaurants downtown serving both Chinese and Vietnamese food, but they usually don't do both well.

                  1. re: DiveFan

                    My Dung Sandwich Shop on Ord between Broadway and Spring is pretty. Only had the chicken banh mi, but it was flavorful - huge - and $2.25.