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May 27, 2009 10:31 AM

GREAT sandwiches FFD not Boar's Head homemade

in FFD County where they roast they own meats turkey, chicken not BOAR"S HEAD and make there own salads, dressings, etc. and of course excellent breads.

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  1. are you asking or did you forget to name a place? everything seems to be the untasty boar's head!!!

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    1. re: luckyelaine43

      No asking for a place that mnakes its its own fresh meats, turkey, chicken, roast beeef, etc, thanks near and around Stamford to Westport.

    2. response makes me think it may not exist....

      Caraluzzi's market makes their own ham, turkey, and roast beef - all of which are delicious - but they don't make great sandwiches. (You could buy everything and make your own.)

      Sand Wedge (on Route 7 in Ridgefield, just north of the Georgetown Caraluzzis) makes great sandwiches but not their own meats.

      What's a person to do?????

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      1. I like Ancona's better for sandwiches. They offer in house roasted meats and I think the overall quality and taste is better than Caraluzzi's. Be careful of the complimentary side salads...potato and macaroni...they haven't always tasted fresh to me. Still a preference over Caraluzzi's though. While your there definitely try there fried chicken. So yummy and they will make it fresh for you if you need a lot for a party or something. It always gets rave reviews from our crowd. One more thing...their tuna salad is just perfect for me. Much more flavorful than Caraluzzi's when I am too lazy to open my own can!

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          thanks for the anconas info... I always bought the in-store roasted trukey at balduccis, but sadly that's not an option anymore. The guy at the deli there told me it wasn't nitrate-free, but it had much less than regular deli meat. So glad to know Ancona's is an option now. Totally agree about the fried chicken, I've only had it once and I brought it home and re-heated it and it was amazing...will need to try it fresh.

          'on a related Ridgefield note, if anyone is missing the Balducci's/Peter Luger burgers now that Balducci's is gone, Phil is at Ridgefield Prime and making the Peter Luger burgers...oh, one more thing, a friend served the Ridegfield Prime crabcakes for dinner the other night and they were exellent, no filler and very fresh.

            1. re: luckyelaine43

              Ancona's Supermarket is on Route 102 (Branchville Road) about one-half block west of Route 7, in Ridgefield.

              (The skinless fried chicken is particularly good!)

          1. A&S in norwalk has good bread & they roast their own turkey & roast beef. YUM

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            1. re: sfoss17

              I love there stuff but Inever saw homemade turkey only Boar's head . So if I go I will ask about that the next time, thanks

            2. About 14 or 15 years ago I was working in Greenwich and often had my lunch at a place called Stateline Deli right on Putnam Ave. They roasted two entire turkeys every day. The sandwiches were wonderful. I was addicted to them. They only had turkey though. I don't think their roast beef was homemade.

              I don't know if the place still exists or if it still serves fresh turkey, but it might be worth checking out. I'd be curious to know if it's still there.

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              1. re: Avalondaughter

                Avalon: There is a place that makes fresh turkey used to go with my Mom was there maybe 4 years ago closer to the bottom of the avenue on the left hand side don't know the name.