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May 27, 2009 10:26 AM

Black Duck Westport

how are the burgers? What else is great, it is clean? I saw something on Tv and the burgers looked charcaol broiled but how is the meat, good quality and some of there items seem very out dated and old fashioned, If there meat quality is great then I would defintely try the burgers as you know always lloking for the BEST BURGEr since my husband has never had one and never will so I need my burger fixes. Any other joints nearby with Excellent quality charcoal broiled burgers? I want it to taste like i just had a BBQ in the backyard. The steamers looked yummy. Thanks

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  1. I grew up in that town.
    That is a drinking place, not an eating place. In this economic environment the restaurants do not need any more criticism on here, but if you are looking for clean, the Duck ain't it.
    It's not about food there.

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      ditto. Eat at Mario's, then head over to the Black Duck for drinking time.

      1. re: lillydaisy

        This place was recently featured on an episode of FN's Diners Drive-ins and Dives and based on what we saw, the food looked good. Could this be a hidden gem that maybe somebody here can comment on? TY.

        Look -->

        1. re: Cheese Boy

          No it's not a hidden gem. It is a disgusting dive bar that is slowly sinking into the water. I wouldn't eat anything that came out of that kitchen. Seriously gross.

          1. re: Cheese Boy

            I used to work a few blocks away and we did our fair share of after hours drinking here, but we also had lunch @ the Duck frequently. I can recommend the Wisconsin burger. Others went for the chiliburger or tuna melts. Daily specials were never a miss. But, yes, keep your foodie expectations in check, this is a dive drinking bar first and foremost.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I grew up in this town too. This is a place where real men go to drink big drinks, beat hell out each other and then make friends, sit down and order gargantuan steak-burgers. I have been eating at the Duck fairly often for the past few years, and yes, I think this place IS a hidden gem IF you order right. For me, that means ordering a burger, and I never get the fancy ones, just bacon/ cheese, and rare or medium rare, never medium or, heaven forbid, well done. What needs to be understood about this place is, lately at least, the burgers ARE good. I went to Burger Bar in Sono on the recommendation of someone in this community and I enjoyed it well enough, but the Black Duck burger is better. I am not in love with the buns they use, exactly, kind of soft and spongey, but that's another story. I can also tell you since that TV show came out, it's often pretty difficult getting a table at the Duck. Yes it is a dive bar. Yes the unrinals reek so bad that you can sometimes smell piss at the nearest 3 tables to the bathrooms. However, a better class of customer is arriving on the heels of DDD. In fact, I saw a guy in there the other night in a sportscoat and his wife was wearing pearls and I thought, "...Oh no, there goes the neighborhood."

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            1. re: shark_attack

              I grew up in that town too, but I was never allowed to go to the Duck because of the riff raff factor. Or so said my older brother who regularly cased the joint (solely for my benefit I am sure). One of these days I'll have to mosey back to town to try the now famous burger. Wearing pearls, of course.

            2. Went back to the Duck today for a burger....Really good, better taste actually than Burger Bar in my estimation.

              1. I've been going to the Duck for about 30 yrs- yes it's always been a dive, but with good food. I suppose my friends and I would have constituted a small part of the riff-raff the Duck was infamous for.
                I went there at 2 pm Friday only to see a small horde of older tourists clutching menus waiting for the few tables there. Thanks, Food Network. Let's hope this wears off soon, and that Guy Fieri keeps his lame goatee out of Swanky's and Letezias.

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                1. re: ScottT

                  Do you really like Swanky's? I find both locations, particularly the Norwalk one to be questionable both cleanliness-wise as well as quality/taste wise. Am I off the mark?

                  1. re: shark_attack

                    Shark Attack-
                    Swanky's is actually cleaner than it used to be- years ago they used to have a rather thick patina of nicotine coating the walls. I had a dog there last week and it tasted just fine, with a nice snap too. BTW, the few times I've suffered from food poisoning the culprits have all been U.S. airport chain restaurants like TGI Fridays, Chilli's and Appleby's.
                    Also, the Westport Swanky's may have once had some connection with the original in Norwalk, but that ended a long while ago.