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May 27, 2009 10:02 AM

Don Churro cafe in herndon

Anyone else gone there?

We stopped by a few weeks ago and were pretty much blown away by something much higher quality than the name might imply at first. This isnt a gimicky mass eatery or a push you through the door in and out experience type establishment. I would rate them as being similar to "Taste for the world" in both quality and presentation, but focused on latin america. Really good food and the service was very good. Prices are decent.

If you want pure peruvian, el estribo is better (more focused), but if you want variety give 'em a shot.

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  1. We tried Don Churro in Chantilly on Friday night. Overall, I was impressed. The menu is a greatest hits collection of South American favorites: Bolivian, Peruvian, Chilean, Colombian, Argentinian, Ecuadorian, etc.

    As this was our first time we didn't do the best job of ordering (plus, Mrs. W surprised me with her pick of this place, which I had never heard of before, so I couldn't do my usual pre-meal research) and ended up with several tapas-type dishes that were sort of similar (e.g., starchy) and got filled up but we plan to go back and try one of the meat-heavy entrees. The entree portions looked huge.

    One tapa not to be missed is the gambas (Shrimp), which are served in a plate of garlicky oil that you will want to drink with a spoon.

    Very nice addition to the neighborhood. Great place for hounds who want an introduction to these relatively unfamiliar cuisines.

    PS This place is definitely in Chantilly, not Herndon. Someone on Yelp placed it in Centreville LOL. There are several good, detailed reviews on Yelp, btw.

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    1. re: Bob W

      Just re-reading this whole thread. Too bad for me it's actually Chantilly - it's definitely not Herndon. But as you, Bob, point out - the menu seems definitely pan-American. I just compared it back to Pollos Inka, and PI is definitely centered on Peruvian.

      So - to the south and pan-Am, go to Don Churro. If in Herndon and looking for Peruvian, Pollos Inka.

      1. re: helenahimm

        LOL Funny you should ask. We were so stuffed we couldn't even eat one of the tapas, so the churros (not to mention the passionfruit cheesecake) were out of the question. Gutbombs were not what the doctor ordered at that stage of the festivities.

      2. Interesting. Hadn't heard of them. Will have a try. What's the comparison to Pollos Inka?

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        1. re: Dennis S

          Different type of restaurant. We love the Peruvian chicken joints. This place has a much broader menu covering most of south america. You can get yuca and plantains here, and there's also a chicken entree, but the entree focus is more on red meat. We did see the alfeador cookies on the counter, which you can also find at Pollos Inka. This place is definitely worth a try.

          1. re: Bob W

            Will do. Pollos Inka is also not overly focused on the chicken. I need to get back there, but they have a great menu, well executed. The salsa on the tables is excellent and their sopas are (or used to be) outstanding.

            Let's both try both and compare notes over the coming weeks?


        2. This place is part of our regular rotation and should not be missed. And the churros are awesome by the way. Get the churros rellanas. Stuffed with caramel or nutella. Quite tasty.

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          1. re: ulrath

            We will definitely try the nutella. The whole family loves that stuff!

            1. re: Bob W

              Had the gambas al ajillo at lunch today, and agree that they are superb. The empanada chilena was authentic in pastry and filling, and the churros are fried to order. They also have several beers from the Andean countries that you are unlikely to see elsewhere. The Sunday brunch (with different country-oriented menus) looks appealing, and they have music on Friday and Saturday nights. Owners are Ecuadorean and one waiter is Brazilian. Absolutely a place worth supporting.

              1. re: srsrhodes

                I'm glad that this place is starting to get some buzz. I've been going there for over a year now. I really want them to do well. The sunday brunch is good with a lot of interesting dishes to try. In fact, a simple omlette of theirs ranked as one of the top omlettes I've had. Granted I am not a huge omlette eater, but still...

            2. re: ulrath

              the caramel? you mean dulce de leche??? i hope is dulce de leche,... nutella for me just works on crepes lol

              still thanks so much, once I come back from my NYC trip Ill make sure to go to Don churros!