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May 27, 2009 09:11 AM

Favorite Salumi Sandwich?

I typically enjoy Salumi meats from the deli counter at Metropolitan Market, but today I'm heading to the storefront to endure the lines and enjoy a sandwich. So far my favorite has been the mole, but I'd like to branch out.

What's your favorite sandwich from Salumi?

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  1. oxtail *
    lamb proscuitto (w/ mozzarella; no veggies; on half of a round roll)
    cinnamon pork *
    pork proscuitto (w/ mozzarella; no veggies; on half of a round roll)

    (* served as a special, so not always available)

    1. Regularly available:

      Pork cheek
      Margherita w/ prosciutto
      Fennel sausage

      I'm actually not wild about their salumi sandwiches; bread to filling ratio is too high.

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      1. re: terrier

        I've tried most of the regulars and the specials and I think the Porchetta is the best. Get it with peppers/onions and their spreads and it's pretty much heaven.

      2. Seasonal: Prosciutto and goat cheese with Fig confit....mmmmm
        Better in cold weather, Meatball sandwich with Gogonzola
        time for lunch...

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        1. re: mrnelso

          #1 Porchetta--all that juiciness soaks into the baguette--yum!
          #2 Proscuitto, goat cheese, fig compote
          #3 Meatball, cheese of your choice
          #4 Fennel sausage

          Then again, everyone has their particular favorite. You can hardly go wrong! And given the interview in the Seattle Times this morning, I'm wondering if Tony Bourdain will show up there for lunch this Friday, 5/29!

          1. re: zoogrrrl

            Aren't Mario and Tony doing a show together? ... Mario will probably be there too! :-)

          2. re: mrnelso

            We were there last year and had the Prosciutto, goat and fig confit and it was awesome! and BIG...we ordered two and should have gotten just one to share!!!

          3. Just went yesterday and had the Muffo. I also agree with the heavenly rating given to the Porchetta sandwich.

            Billy Bob

            1. The one I make at home with all that good stuff that arrives FedEx!