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May 27, 2009 08:49 AM

Forget Five Guys, I've got Yo Dogs in Wyndmoor!

When I lived in Arlington, VA, I was an avid Five Guys fan - great burgers, terrific (if greasy) fries, cheap, fresh, yummy. Then we moved, and although there is a Five Guys presence in Philadelphia, in the burbs, not so much. But now, my prayers for great burgers, great fries and even some salad options have been answered by Yo Dogs, a new burger/dog joint that opened in Wyndmoor on Willow Grove Avenue.

We went last night because our power was out and PECO couldn't give us a good estimate on when it would be back on (yeah, 4 am was the eventual answer so I'm doubly glad we went out).

It's a little takeout spot (next to Bhagya's Kitchen, the new Indian takeout in Wyndmoor) with a few stools and cute decorations so we ate there.

I got a Basic Burger which was about $4.75 - a good sized hand-shaped patty arrived on a nice eggbread bun, thick slice of tomato, lettuce, onion, just as I'd asked for. Compared to a Five Guys burger, it was huge. My husband got the Honcho which had panchetta and cheese (can't remember which kind) and coleslaw which he said was great (under $6). There are many many topping options, plus you can get a turkey burger or a blackbean burger. Our boys got plain hot dogs (good quality long beef franks - $2.75 I think) but they could have also gotten apple chicken sausage, Nieman Ranch dogs, or something called a carrot dog which I haven't tried yet, but probably will since I can only take so much beef and I need an excuse to return.

And then there were the fries. Oh, the fries. Boardwalk style fries, freshly made. They have a range of flavors (crab spice, jerk spice, cheese fries, among others). We got their "soon to be famous" garlic fries which had garlic and scallions on top. They were outrageous. The plain fries were great too, but oh, the garlic fries. So much for the diet. And they were NOT overly greasy. I love Five Guys fries, but the oil gets to me after a while. These did not seem overly oily to me.

My boys got a chocolate shake as well which was very rich and they drank every drop until only slurpy straw noises could be heard.

There are salads too, but sadly for my waistline, I couldn't see past the burgers and fries. Hopefully, I will explore those soon.

When we mentioned "yeah, this is great but in Virginia, Five Guys had peanuts," they brought us out a basket of peanuts - I don't know if that's the usual thing and they just weren't out yet, but it just shows good customer service, if you ask me.

I'm really really hoping they stay in business in these tough times: nice people running the place, great burgers and dogs, outrageous fries, very reasonable prices. I'd highly recommend trying it out.

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  1. Thank you so much for this review, kiwijen! I drive down this stretch of Willow Grove Avenue at least 4 times a week and it can be more frequently. I've been wondering the last few days about Yo Dogs - now we'll try it within the week.

    1. Thanks for the tip kiwijen! Went there today for lunch. Enjoyed it very much. Especially the fresh cut fries. We had the garlic fries and yes, they were fabulous. Had the Hustler burger: caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and swiss cheese on a medium cooked burger in a nice sized bun. We also had a basic dog with mustard, ketchup, relish, and chopped raw onion. Steady line of business while we were there. There are a few stools at a counter and a few chairs and a table outside. About half of the customers ordered to go. We stayed to eat there. They sell cupcakes as a sweet and they looked fresh. I will be back!

      1. Is it a BYO - it ain't a burger without a beer!

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          Good question. I'll have to check that out and report back next time I'm there.

        2. Thank you for this review! I can not agree more with how fantastic everything is there! I got the Ger Dog which has bacon, caramelized onions, and bleu cheese crumbles and a side of onion rings. Everything was amazing and I can not wait to go back with friends!

          1. Sounds Exciting!! I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the post.