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May 27, 2009 08:14 AM

Chickpea Flour

Does anyone know where I can find chickpea flour in Montreal?


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  1. It's a rather easy to find item. Most bulk and health food stores carry it. Some grocery stores will have it either in their organic or "ethnic" foods section. Of course all South-Asian and middle eastern and stores will have it.

    Which part of town are you in?

    1. Many places. There are two basic kinds: one made from the chickpeas we are most familiar with in the West, which you can find at Italian and other Mediterranean grocery shops, and besan made from channa dal - smaller, darker chickpeas. I've even seen the latter at the Jean-Talon/Parc Loblaws. The Mediterranean variety should also be readily available at natural foods shops. They sell it in bulk at Anatole on St-Laurent near Jean-Talon.

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        Thanks! I'm not looking for "besan" but the other, Mediterranean, variety. I live on the South Shore and I've looked at Tau but they didn't have what I was looking for (off day maybe?). I'm willing to travel to find it :)

      2. Mile-End Fruiterie sells it if that's your part of town.

        1. Pretty sure Akhavan in NDG has it.

          1. hey there on the south shore ;)
            there's some at epice international next to the champlain mall !
            got to go to that store : best merguex on the SS. and fresh naan most of the time. tons of spices and no need of crossing the bridge !