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May 27, 2009 08:13 AM

non pho noodles in Philly?

Any recommendations for a noodle house in Philadelphia that is NOT a pho house? Ideally, one of those noodle places where they let you pick what goes in, then drop it after you've picked.

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  1. It's still morning and I'm not a morning person, so could you clarify "pick what goes in, then drop it after you've picked" for me?

    As for noodle houses, I think my fav. is Nan Zhou on Race, between 9th & 10th. (Yellow awning, if I remember right.) Hand-drawn noodles. The menu is teeny-tiny (like the easy-to-miss restaurant), but the noodles are great.

    1. When I was in Australia there were these noodle houses where you picked your noodle, your broth, and the stuff that you wanted in it (pork, veggies, garlic, shrimp, boiled egg, etc, etc--they let you be very specific), then they would drop it all in a basket, give it a quick boil and throw it in a bowl with the chosen broth. It was cheap and delicious.

      In googling NanZhou, it sounds promising. I love that their noodles are hand drawn. However, a lot of the reviews say that they use a lot of cilantro, and I am allergic. Will they do them without the cilantro?

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        I think cilantro is mostly garnish? I'm not allergic, though, (and happen to like cilantro) so I'm not as vigilant. I would imagine that you would be able to get stuff without cilantro, though.

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          Is Nan Zhou the place that has a sign about "shaved noodles" in the window? That's my favorite noodle place, the "shaved noodle" place but I can never remember the actual name of the place.

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            Nan Zhou is very good indeed, though not quite as you describe: they have two kinds of noodles (hand drawn and shaved) and stuff to go in the soup (dumplings and brisket are my favorites), but only one kind of broth, as far as I know. Be aware that many of the items are poorly described in the menu.

            You could ask about leaving out the cilantro, and they might do it, too. Or they might forget. It's not a place you go for great service, I'm afraid.

          2. It sounds like the soon to open Kong fits the bill:

            BTW Nan Zhou is great, and basically you pick your protein and noodle and they serve it up.

            1. Sadly, I haven't found any great Asian noodle places either. I miss the traditional ramen places in NYC.

              I am intrigued to try Nan Zhou however.

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              1. re: feklar42

                Adding another vote for Nanzhou Noodle - I love that place.

                Another not as good option would be any of the places in Chinatown which hang duck in the windows, like Wong Wong, Sangkee Duck or Ting Wong. They'll usually have a decent Cantonese style wonton noodle or roast duck soup noodle.

                Man, Philadelphia needs a ramen shop. I'm kind of amazed that this city doesn't have one yet.

                1. re: fivefivefive

                  True that. There is a place in the Bellevue food court that does a lot of different noodle soups. Tampopo in Rittenhouse also has some soups that are ok. H-Mart on Cheltenham avenue has an awesome food court that has ramen and a lot of noodle soups too. But no real ramen shops that I know of.

                  1. re: fivefivefive

                    I would seriously kill for a place like Manchenko-Tei in Philly.