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Russo's Coal Fired Pizza (Richardson)

The new Russo’s Coal Fired Pizzeria at Post Eastside (Campbell/75) opened this weekend. Anyone try it yet? I will probably get over there this weekend.


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  1. Dined there for lunch today as I work close. Meh. Somewhat chainish in feel. One of those fast/casual places where you take your number to your table and they bring out the food. I had a slice of Margherita, salad (lunch special for $7.95 and I had a tea which brought the total to $10.50 which I thought was a little high for a "lunch special pizza" On to the chow. The house salad was fine..lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions , black olives in balsamic vinagarette. The slices here are really, really, large. So large that the dought didn't get cooked through around the edges. The dough itself was much too thick and didn't have the char I would expect from the "coal fired advertisement". Tomato sauce was non-descript, cheese was ok. It had fresh tomatoes on it which I don't expect with a real marg. The marg. also had a fresh garlic/olive oil concoction on top which was odd. I know they just opend and I had a lunch special, but it was marginal. I always give everyone a couple of shots. If you are expecting anything remotely close to Olivella's, Grimaldi's or Coal Vines...Not so much.

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      If this is same Russo's that is in Houston then IMO you have to get a whole pie and go with sausage or peperroni, pretty much nothing else. If you do that you will get a great pie. I put it on par with Grimaldi's

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        russo is much better then grimaldi...grimaldi is a take off of the original pizzeria in new york...the new gramaldi is not owned by true a italian new york family such as russo..
        coal vines for your new information ,they use pre made can sauce and both of theses places do they make there salad dressing from scratch. and coalvines uptown location they stopped using coal to cook pizza in there oven...

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          Does it really matter who owns you if you are a chain? It's not like a mom and pop organization where the owner is there day after day. Also someone posted that not all Russo's Coal Fired Pizza places have Coal ovens, I would assume that is a pretty misleading title for your restaurant if you don't have an actual coal oven. I live pretty close to this joint and need to try it out.

      2. Voted best pizza in Houston: they must like limp pizza slices down there, you can't even fold a slice to hold everything in. Great crust, but I don't get Pizza for the crust. Very much a miss, not worth it.

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          I think it is important to get only 1 topping at russos maybe 2. And if you don't get the pizza for the crust what do you get it for? IMO crust is most important since toppings are essentially the same? I find Russo's sauce to be excellent, crust to be average.

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            Agreed. Crust is THE most important ingredient.

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              I meant outer edge of the crust, not the limp tasteless soggy bottom this place calls a pizza crust. Only had the Mozzarella, nothing else: if your pizza cannot hold just a genlte slither of cheese, it's lame.

          2. June 8th 2009: Oh, I just dined there for lunch. Very dissapointing experience.
            Ordered the NY calzone as did my coworker. 2 Calzone, 2 sodas for a little over 25 bucks.
            My Calzone, was mushy with a nice black burnt crust on the bottom side of the calzone. Mine also was filled internally with pizza sauce on one end, whereas my coworkers was not. I asked to speak to the manager and was told they were busy.
            The waitress tried to convince me that the pizza sauce inside a calzone was normal. Umm, I may speak Texan , but don't think I never had a calzone before little miss.
            Told her I would still like a moment with the manager.
            She came back stating the manager was too busy to see me, but was informed that pizza sauce shouldn't be inside. She said that she would be happy to make me another one if I wanted to wait. She smiled and walked away leaving me blinking in disbelief, Meanwhile, my beverage glass full of sprite was destined to be refilled with water by non english speaking wait-staff.

            I am sadly disappointed in the service & food. Perhaps I had my hopes set to high for a local non fast food eatery that wasn't mexican, tex-mex or sushi. Perhaps I am still angry, looking for someone to complain to in the hopes that the eatery might can make some improvements & win a second chance at my patronage.
            Either way, my hope will fade with my anger & I will never return to this establishment for another slap in my face mushy over priced pizza pie.

            a Roadie well traveled

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              A friend and his wife who live nearby, went to Russo's for dinner last week. They pretty much reported to me what you've reported to us. They said they won't be back.

            2. We went for lunch last week and I ordered the Calzone and Salad combo. The salad came right away, the order person showed up at our table several minutes later asked what kind of calzone I wanted. I ordered the New York it came as a Stromboli instead of a Calzone not Ricotta to be found. The salad was good and the other foods ordered at the table were good. The Calzone was a grease slick. I ate one piece took the rest with me and warmed up for dinner the next day, it was so very greasy I trashed it. Overall not impressed.

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                ever had the Calzone at Roma's?

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                  Yes about 100X better than Russo. All though for Calzone I prefer Convino's on Independence & Parker. I really like the Sicilian pizza @ Roma. Also the sausage roll at Roma rocks. Basically either Roma or Covino's is a good choice, Russo not so much.

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                    yea I haven't been to Convino's, I tried to go for lunch a few Saturdays ago, but they were closed!

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                    Cafe Roma in Plane? Best calzone ever!!

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                      I don't think I'd make that claim unless I'd eaten at least 300 different calzones. But it is pretty good. Not at all greasy, nice slightly chewy bread, not overstuffed.

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                        Well, of the calzone's I've had in the Plano area, they were my personal favorite. I'm sure there are far better, but with it being swimsuit season, I am off of them temporarily. LOL.

                2. hello i think you forgot to mention you get a free salad of your choice with a giant slice of pizza, for lunch .house salad or greek salad or caeser salad....for 7.95 you get a slice anyway you want is a bargan for lunch....its a lot cheaper then a hamburger and fries...

                  1. Just went to Russo's and was very impressed. I just moved back to Dallas after spending the last two years in Brooklyn. To be frank, I became a pizza snob in my time in NY. So much so that I don't even care for Manhattan pizza: Brooklyn pizza being that much better.

                    All that said, I liked Russo's a lot. I haven't fully explored Dallas pizza options yet but from everything I've had Russo's is by far the best.

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                      Not even close. There are lots of better places. You need to look around some and then report back.

                    2. It's crazy to see so many negative posts about Russo's. We stopped in late last night close to 10, expecting to be turned away or rushed out since it was so close to closing time. However, we were happily greeted and sat immediately. Our waiter was awesome and gave great suggestions. We started with the prosciutto wrapped mozzerella.. it was great. He had the mulberry pizza which was really all meat. We really enjoyed it. It had lots of flavor, not too much sauce and a nice crust you get from the coal ovens. I had the toccalacci. It was similar to a ravioli.. it was stuffed with braised veal and beef and had a light cream sauce with mushrooms and prosciutto. We practically licked the plane clean! We'll for sure be returning.

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                        aknabe, glad to see your comment. i've been mystified by the stream of negative comments here as well.

                        i think the pizza at russo's is excellent. i go once a week. the quality of the toppings has been consistently good and capably handled... crust has been crispy on the bottom and a little chewy through the middle with nice crackling burnt edges, maybe not as much char as i'd like but pretty damn close.

                        this week, i got a "heart healthy veggie". the spinach leaves were fresh and plentiful (which is rare, usually places throw on a gnarly leaf or two and call it a day or else, worse, use frozen spinach which they apply in gloppy little piles). the mushrooms were sliced to a good point of thinness so that, by the time the pizza came out of the oven, they still had body but were starting absorb some of the flavors around them. perfect. (the pizza also had tomato, white onion, basil, mozzarella, and garlic sauce instead of regular old tomato)

                        my only complaint would be that their salads have been overdressed so i ask for "easy dressing". as an aside, i once made a comment about my meal on their website and the owner called me the next day to talk about it. i've never had that happen with another restaurant.

                        the only thing i can think is that we've just gotten so spoiled lately with so many great pizza places that people are becoming increasingly picky? but as someone who lives nearby and previously had to drive to west plano (Fireside at Legacy) or dallas to get good pizza, i can vouch for the fact that there's nothing else like it in the neighborhood, so i'm immensely grateful for it.

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                          I need to give this one another chance. I tried it once when it first opened - but they were likely working out the kinks. I think I was disappointed that it wasn't a "real" coal oven...but mostly gas with a few stray lumps of coal. Also, the margherita pizza had fresh tomatoes on it which kind of threw me off. The manager (or owner - he was patrolling the dining room in a white chef's coat) looked extremely familiar but I couldn't place him. They had these gigantic slices at lunch that looked interesting - but I never really understood the fascination with "by the slice" - it's basically reheating previously cooked pizza. I will do another fly by now that they've been opened awhlie - TG does have some pizza skillz :)

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                            Snap, I totally missed this post.... but I had to come back to post about how we continue to visit Russo's. We esp love Monday nights when the pizzas are 50% off! Really cant' beat that. And while I wish they make that Basalmic chicken like FSP up in Plano... it's much closer to home and pretty comparable! But yes, I agree, their salads aren't their star. It is nice to have a great pizza place so close.