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May 27, 2009 07:59 AM

3 nights in Vancouver-day 2

Friday May 22 -- Had breakfast off Robson at a coffee shop bakery. Excellent lattes and muffins. We decided to do the Big Bus Tour and head for the Granville Island Market for lunch. Some in our group ended up at the Stock Market for soups - I ended up having shrimp cocktail at one of the fresh seafood vendors. All of us were very pleased.
Friday night -- Dinner at Tojo's. We all were really looking forward to this.... Took a taxi from Hotel Listel over to West Broadway (10 minutes).. Within minutes we were brought to our reserved booth and our server showed up moments later. The sushi bar looked fantastic but we were very happy with our secluded booth. Our drinks came and our selections followed soon after. We started with the seafood salad that the four of us split. Outstanding scallops on iced cold crunchy bib lettuce with a lite sweet & sour dressing....Next came Tojo's tuna, followed by Tojo's selection of Sashi (wonderful large platter of assorted choices)....followed by a few rolls, the assorted Tempura platter, and finally Tojo's tenderloin. It was all fantastic. The total was $295 for four ... We thought that it was reasonable for the atmosphere, service, and the quality of our selections....Oh, and our server gave us (free) dessert which was an assorted fruit cup -- delicious!
2 1/2 hours never flew by so quckly...

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  1. Thanks for the details on your trip to Tojo's -- it doesn't get very many posts that provide info on individual dishes and prices, apart from the omakase.

    1. Tojo's is my dads favourite restaurant so I've had the pleasure to dine there many times over the years without having to pay. Sometimes the Omakase is absolutely outstanding, but sometimes it seems Tojo gets a little crazy. 6 or so months ago we went, sat at the bar, and Tojo made us some sort of sesame crusted tuna with chipolte sauce on it. Yes, chipolte. It was absolutely terrible. There have been other dishes like that over the years where you just go, "what?".

      So, IMO, you're kind of taking a chance with the Omakase and with your bill, as prices can get pretty crazy when he's in control... but if you order off the menu and stick to what Tojo does well, I think it's some of the best food in the city.

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        I think I had that same chipotle sesame tuna thing that you had. I also once had a roll with butter in it....not sure if it worked either. Another time with fruit slivers...that one sort of worked.

        Tojo's does source some great and unusual the sashimi is safe - though pricey.