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May 27, 2009 07:26 AM

Breakfast, Lunch Ideas for Chicago Trip?

I am visiting Chicago for the first time ever for a wedding this coming weekend. I only have one free night for dinner and since I don't want to break the bank, I made reservations at Publican after reading this board.

I do have time for a few breakfast or lunches while I'm there. Looking specifically in the Loop and near Wrigley Field (going to the game on Friday afternoon.)

Also, any recs for a good Sunday brunch?


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  1. We ate at the atwood cafe in the Hotel Burnham in the loop twice for lunch because it was so delish the first time. Excellent service, excellent food, and a nice atmosphere for brunch/lunch. We ordered the asparagus tossed with gnocchi, and parm regg cheese (not what it was called on the menu-I don't remember), and mushrooms burgers which was the best veg burger I have EVER had.

    1. I’m biased but I think you’re talking to the right guy about brunch – me. Weekend brunch is my specialty. Should research my selections below to make sure they fit what you are looking for in terms of menu items, price, and location.

      Yolk: think traditional egg breakfast place but updated and with twists. They have a second location that I thought was opening any day now, not sure. Can have long wait on weekend – no reservation.
      1120 S Michigan Ave (South Loop)
      Chicago, IL 60605
      (312) 789-9655

      Bongo Room: Two locations –Have not been to Wicker Park location (shame on me) which I think may be quite different than the south loop location. South Loop has tasty, unique items. Did not wait too long to get seated at South Loop. Wicker Park may have longer wait. Don’t think they take reservations.
      -1152 S Wabash Ave - 312-291-0100 (South Loop
      -1470 N Milwaukee Ave - (773) 489-0690 (Wicker Park

      Cafe des Architectes: Located in Sofitel hotel. A tad pricey but I think worth every penny – a great value. French press coffee is exceptional. Great pastries. Very good service. I really enjoy it there.
      20 East Chestnut Street, Chicago, IL‎ (Gold Coast)
      (312) 324-4063‎

      The Original Pancake House – two locations. Chain restaurant, but is franchised and with some owners producing a great product. Plain and simple, the Pancakes are amazing. Try the 49’ers or Swedish if you like them thin. They also have rich apple pancake. The other items are not too shabby either. Good coffee. I don’t know if there is difference but I prefer the Gold Coast location. On weekends, can be very long lines at gold coast location. No reservations
      -22 East Bellvue, Chicago, Illinois 60611, 312-642-7917 (Gold Coast
      )-2020 N. Lincoln Park West, Chicago, Illinois 60614, 773-929-8130 (Lincoln Park)

      Sweets & Savories – very small, chef driven venue. Unique and tasty menu items. It is a Fixed price, 3-course brunch menu, but you have 5-7 main course options. Lost liquor license – no bloody marys – byob. Great value at approx $15. Food is exceptional but service is slipping. Takes reservations.
      1534 W Fullerton Ave (Just west of DePaul Neighborhood)
      (773) 281-6778

      DELEECE – In Lakeview, walking distance to Wrigley field. great neighbor restaurants with high-end food but with reasonable prices. Takes reservations I think. Very good food.
      4004 N. Southport,
      Chicago, Illinois,

      WISHBONE : I love southern food and this is the best place for southern breakfast. Two locations. Not sure of reservations.
      -1001 W Washington Blvd Chicago, IL 60607, (312) 850-2663 (west loop
      )-3300 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL‎, (773) 549-2663(Lakeview)(Somewhat near Wrigley)

      Hot Chocolate: Chef Driven restaurant Great food. Not sure of reservations.
      1747 N Damen Ave (Bucktown)
      Chicago, IL 60647
      (773) 489-1747

      Hope this helps.

      1. Just do the Bongo Room. :-) Craziest damn pancake selection outside of the Griddle in LA, and maybe better tasting.

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          Thanks for the suggestions, but I guess I should have mentioned I was going to be in Chicago the last weekend of May! Didn't find any place great for breakfast, mostly because we slept in too late most days to get anywhere.

          I will be back to Chicago though -- great city! I'll keep these suggestions for next visit especially the pancake recs. I LOVE pancakes!!!