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May 27, 2009 07:20 AM

Southbridge/Sturbridge MA?

We're returning to the Southbridge Conference center for a week and need some recommendations for dinner in the area. We'll have a car and a GPS. Last year we went to Kaizen (loved it and will go back) and Rovezzi's, which I didn't love so much, although my companions' dinner looked better than my choice. We like all kinds of food (pizza, ethnic, seafood, etc.) and really like wine, but any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would suggest Cedar Street Restuarant in Sturbridge

    And Still River cafe in Eastford CT. It about 20 minutes but well worth it. You'll need your GPS for this one.

    You see some of the reviews on thier website, such as:
    New York Times
    "EXTRAORDINARY" (highest possible rating


    Boston Magazine
    Selected Stilll River Cafe as the No. 1 Foodie Destination in New England.

    Selected Still River Cafe as one of "American's Top Restaurants 2008"

    Connecticut Magazine
    "The most thrilling out-of-the-way dining destination in recent years is the Still River Cafe in Eastford. ". . . serenely sophisticated barn-restaurant where farm-fresh ingredients are cooked and presented with exquisite finesse." July 2008

    Not much more I coudl say, other then you have to go.

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      I'd love to go, but their website indicates they are currently only serving dinner on Friday and Saturday and brunch on Sunday. We're arriving on Monday, departing on Fri, so won't be able to schedule Still River Cafe ;-(

    2. Fins and Tails in Southbridge is very good. with a lot of good seafood I like the Golden Cricket in Sturbridge for British Pub style. Ronnie's in Charlton has great fried clams. Romaldo'd in Sturbridge has recieved mixed reviews.

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        Some folks who were at the conference last year also recommended Fins and Tails; thanks for the reminder. I'll probably check ou Golden Cricket as well; always like pubs!

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          What's the location of the Golden Cricket? I'm having trouble finding a listing for them, or even a phone number.... Do they serve good British ales, too?

          1. re: nuthatches

            Sorry, I spaced out. Must have confused it with another olace. They have afew on tap. More locals than British.
            The Copper Stallion
            538 Main St
            Sturbridge MA 01518
            (508) 347-2100

        2. For pizza I'd recommend Enrico's right on Rt 20 in Sturbridge. Great pizza and they also have a full bar.

          We like the Ugly Duckling Loft...upstairs from the Whistling Swan. They have music on the weekends.

          If you are willing to drive a bit, I'd recommend heading to Worcester. A couple great places are Bocado's Tapa Restaurant on Winter St. They have a tasting menu that is wonderful....but you will need reservations.

          On Shrewsbury St in Worcester, I'd recommend Flying Rhino Cafe, 111 Chophouse, Via Italian Table to name a few.

          All of these have websites if you do a search and you can then see prices and menus.

          One other suggestion would be the Salem Cross Inn in East Brookfield...or it could be West Brookfield.

          Hope this gives you some ideas.

          One last one...that I haven't actually been to but people seem to like is the Vienna Restaurant (German ) in Southbridge.

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            Thanks for the recommendations, particularly for pizza; East coast style pizza is something we don't see much around Ohio. And we just might drive to Worcester one evening for something a bit different; again, thanks!

          2. Just got home from Southbridge. We went to Kaizen on Monday night; everyone loved it. Spider roll with fried soft shell crab and lobster maki roll were WONDERFUL!

            Tues night was Copper Stallion. I had a Ruben; colleagues had fried fish. The Ruben was decent, the fried fish a bit overfried and the fries were just frozen crinkle. Nice atmosphere, though.

            Weds night Enrico's pizza. Great! Loved that you could get half-and half pizzas; five colleagues shared 2 pies (4 combos) and two large salads. It was all good, but the gorgonzola bacon white sauce was to die for!

            Thurs night Fins and Tales. The fried calamari app was good; the mussels were good. I had a special with a whole shelled lobster and pasta with garlic, tomatoes, and white wine sauce. The sauce was bland and the lobster a bit overdone, but the creme brulee we shared for dessert was fabulous.

            If we have another conference here next year, I'll definitely return to Enricos and Kaizen. Fins and Tales is a maybe. Thanks again for all your suggestions.