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May 27, 2009 06:53 AM


I've read the burger threads, I've read the ring threads. But I'm looking for the Trifecta of a great burger, onion rings, and chocolate shake to celebrate my birthday, and the first time I've had any of these items in over 2 years. (I've been on a quest to lose over 130 pounds, and it's been successful, but darn it ... it's burger time)!

So you see my dilemma. It may be another 2 years before I indulge in these delicacies again, so I need an AMAZING burger, AMAZING rings, and AMAZING shake (and just to make it interesting ... it wouldn't hurt if the joint offered something my vegetarian husband can eat).

I like a thick burger with REAL cheese, big fat beer-batter onion rings with a real yeasty flavor, and the kind of chocolate shake that you have to eat with a spoon (and have a hard time pulling it out, at that). Can these wonders be found in one establishment? I throw myself on the mercy of Austin area Chowhounds!

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  1. Centerpoint Station in San Marcos comes to mind.

    1. I know this will sound crazy. But the Monument Cafe in Georgetown has all of the above. The burgers are huge and the vegetables are always cold and fresh. The french fries are the bomb and the onion rings although I dont like them, everyone else LOVES. They are huge and have a really crispy outside. The shakes are hand dipped blue bell and they come in the silver container with a spoon they are so thick. good luck on your quest.

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        i LOVE monument cafe, but i have to disagree with the onion rings. i totally dig them, but they do not fit the bill for what CindyS requested. they're fairly regularly sized and kind of limp. the crust is crispy but definitely not beer-battered and yeasty.

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          Thanks, y'all. This sounds worth checking out!

      2. p terrys has great burgers and fries but havent tried the shakes yet.monumnet does make a good burger and the fries werent bad .

        1. I can't believe no one has said Hut's on West 6th. It's known for its burgers, often rated the best in town and the onion rings are just like you like 'em -- HUGE cut, peppery, lots of batter. I think a "quarter order" is 2 rings, but they're more than satisfying. And they have veggie burgers. A co-worker of mine, a vegetarian, regularly goes on Monday nights for the "2-for-1 veggie burger special".
          I can't speak to the shakes, as I've never had them, but I can't believe they're bad.
          (They have pictures on their website -- I think they're really representative:

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          1. re: Perdendosi

            Yes, this person is looking for Hut's

            1. re: Perdendosi

              Thanks for the suggestion and the link. I'm a native Austinite, born and raised in South Austin, and can you believe I've never been to Hut's? This might be the one, even though the rings don't look like they have a beer batter. They still look awfully good!

              1. re: CindyS

                I can't believe people recommended Hut's to you. Please do some research before you go. The burgers are NOT very good! Very mediocre food, and the only time Hut's is passable is when it is 2-for-1 on Wednesdays, and it's only passable then because it is so cheap. The onion rings are absolutely terrible, straight from the freezer to the fryer to your plate.

                The popularity of Hut's is one of those weird exercises in mass delusion. It is a very cute place with a great, relaxed vibe, but nobody who appreciates excellent food is going to tell you that those burgers are great. I can't find any specific in-depth reviews on Chowhound, but check out the reviews on Yelp for a more honest evaluation of Hut's before you go. I mean, the place is fine, and I go sometimes, but I go there knowing that the Emperor has no clothes.

                I did get an excellent chocolate malt there a couple of years ago, though.

                I'm going to the Jackalope tomorrow night for 2-for-1 burger night. Now that's a place that knows how to do a burger right (in the style of Casino el Camino, but without the insane wait and attitude).

                1. re: angusb

                  angusb speaks the truth.Huts is mediocre,the rings are flabby and need seasoning.Environment is good but you'd be better served[foodwise]to head on over to Hoffbrau nearby for a fat steak swimming in butter with hand cut fries to soak up the jus.

              2. re: Perdendosi

                I am mad about shakes and malts, and Hut's actually makes my favorite malt in town. I'd go just for that.

                Haven't had their regular burgers, but their veggie burgers are hard to beat.