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May 27, 2009 06:48 AM

Murrels Inlet, Pawleys Island area

I'll be on vacation next week in the area and would love to get rec's on the latest & greatest as well as the status on the really good old standbys. I loved Louis's but understand it's closed.

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  1. Louis's is closed.......but I am sure the replacement is very good if the Charleston Siblings are any indication.....


    1. Louis spoiled us, didn't he? High Hammock is in his old location. They've done an excellent job with the space (brightened it up, comfortable chairs, tore out and replaced the entire kitchen). Good food, very good service. The food is not quite as good as Louis's though. In fact I don't refer to it as High Hammock, (don't particularly care for the name somehow). Amongst family I simply call it Not Louis's. I have been several times and have always enjoyed it.

      Went to Perrone's for the first time about a month ago. Should have gone sooner. Great spot for lunch or some nice carry-out. If you haven't been I urge you to try it out.


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        Perrone's is a great spot. If you haven't tried it, their Thai Shrimp Salad is unique and so good. They told me the recipe came about as an "accident".

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          Yeah, Perrone's has moved into my regular rotation and I'm a sucker for shrimp salad. Thanks for the tip. Do you ever stop at Lee's Farmer's Market on 17 Bypass at Murrells? They have fresh fruits, veggies, bread, cured meats and some nice cheeses. They also carry Prime beef, usually ribeyes and strips. We always stop by and pick up some things to fix while we're down or to bring back home. Nice folks there, too.

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            I like the shrimp salad at Kudzus @ mingo (in Litchfield) better that Perrone's but I love the peppadew cherve spread at Perrone's .I have to make myself go to Perrone's though because I am not crazy about the service there.

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              I've only been to Perrone's once and didn't see anyone that I would call a server. Someone from behind the counter brought us our food. I guess if one should actually need a little service then they'd be hard-pressed to get any. I'm still in the honeymoon phase with Perrone's and tend to overlook such things.

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                Counter service is still service...and more than once I have not been happy with it there.

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                  And thanks for the Kudzus tip. Another place I'll have to check out.

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                    Perrone's is moving to a larger location across the street.


      2. Louis is indeed closed
        Sad.....I loved that restaurant

        High Hammock I had a great meal there
        Perrones is really delicious
        I also think the crab jalepeno soup at Bistro 317 is to die for
        Chive Blossom Cafe is also very nice

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            Like, closed closed? For good? Innnnteresting. Do you know the story? Did Louis Osteen put a Gullah curse on the place or what?

        1. Landolfi's is certainly worth a mention for their delightful NY and NJ style Italian pastries

          1. Is Frank's still good? We unfortunately missed our usual December meal there because I was sick. :-(