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May 27, 2009 06:13 AM

new Rogers Centre (skydome) food?

has anyone tried the new food at Rogers' centre?

here is the description from the web: A "fresh market" concept that showcases popular food items inspired by Toronto’s diverse neighborhoods, featuring in-house smoked and chopped pork barbecue sandwich, classic gyros, souvlaki, specialty pizzas, carved smoked turkey sandwiches, beef and chicken satay, kung pao wraps, sushi box, barbecue chicken nachos, four specialty salads, and a traditional Mediterranean platter. The market will also feature a self serve beverage area.


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  1. i would dare say the food will be as good as.. well what they have always served...bad to really bad...and the value..similar to the one we get with their cable.

    1. I certainly think it will be a huge improvements over their "Sky Snacks" (are they still called that?) concession stands, but what will be price for let's say a carved smoked turkey sandwich, $12.00? No thanks.

      1. Where are they serving this stuff?? I'm heading to the game on Saturday and am intrigued.


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          I was at a game recently and heard afterward that the better outlets with more variety were on the 100 level.

        2. Last time I was at the game someone I was with had a stir-fry from somewhere on the 100 level. I didn't try it but it looked ok...

          1. We kept seeing people with the bbq chicken nachos - they looked so good! Sadly, the bbq sauce was super sweet, so the whole thing tasted off.