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May 27, 2009 05:50 AM

Steamed Blue Crabs near Wilmington, NC?

Does anyone know of a place within a 45 minute drive of Wilmington, NC where I could get a bushel of steamed blue crabs? I know of a few local places where I can get l live crabs and the Crab Pot in Surf City sometimes has eat-in crabs but it is really hit-or-miss, depends on if the local fisherman has brought in any that day. Is there anything in Snead's Ferry? I live in Wilmington but I am originally from MD and I miss being able to order and pick up a piping hot bushel of steamed blue crabs. Thanks.

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  1. Hey there. We are from Maryland and live in Raleigh. We have also been looking for blue crabs to pick. All the seafood markets in Raleigh have them live but you have to steam them yourself. I did find a place in North Myrtle Beach that will steam them. It's called Everett Platt's. They do the old bay seasoning and everything. Their phone # is 843-249-2008. I don't really want to drive 6 hours round trip so if you have found anyone near Wilmington will you let me know? Thanks! Aimee

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    1. re: cmcw12 I just read about this place on another thread.
      It is not so far for you, Aimee.

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        Uh oh. The link is not working. It is headed "North Carolina seafood restaurants - which ones source locally?" It is courtesy of Mikeh.

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          I live here on Topsail and You can buy them by the bushel but I dont know anyone who will steam them for you.