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May 27, 2009 05:11 AM

Late nite eats near PDA


We're going to see a show at PDA on the 19th of June, that starts at 8:00- so I don't assume we'll be out of there much before 10:30. I don't feel like trekking over to Lemeac or Chez Levesque (which I wouldn't go back to anyways - was there this weekend and it was meh). So, any ideas for some good eats within a decent radius (if it has an after 10:00 special, even better)?

So far all I've thought of is L'Express.


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  1. Pullman, maybe Pop!, maybe Aszu (if so, bar menu after 10), Chinatown. Someone's also mentioned a late-night special at Ferreira. Several restos (Le Local and Brasserie Brunoise, for example) are open till midnight.

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