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May 27, 2009 04:49 AM

huacatay -- do you grow it?

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  1. It's also called "Peruvian black mint." If it is indeed a member of the mint family (I couldn't find definitive info), plant it in a pot. Mint is notoriously invasive; put it in the ground and you'll never be rid of it. (Nor will your neighbors.)

    You can buy seeds here:

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    1. re: mudster

      Nope assuming that is the stuff it isn't actually in the mint family. Tagetes is the genus name of the marigold (the seed's alternate name actually says "Mexican marigold". Marigolds usally are particualrly invasive (they're usally annuals relying on seed to propigate themselves)

      1. re: jumpingmonk

        You can get seeds on the internet at Horizon Herbs . Plants can be purchased at Companion Plants . They are very easy to grow if you have a warm spot with full sun. They do grow big, but is not invasive. It is also good for the soil and are very good to plant near carrots to get rid of nematodes that attack root crops.

    2. Nope but after a visit to Peru this past January I want to! Thanks for the link. I believe it is a summer crop. I though the flavor was unique and not really very mint like.

      1. I do grow huacatay in my garden, aromatic delicious herbs, great on salsas.

        1. I grow it, but I haven't yet used it in anything yet, I've been waiting for my aji amarillos to ripen. Kind of looks like a pot plant from a distance, it has a slightly minty flavor.