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May 27, 2009 04:45 AM

St. George's Greek Festival in Philly

It starts tomorrow....
Gotta get the lamb on the spit (see pictured...)

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  1. wah! i'm missing it this year and am so upset. the italian market fest and the greek fest are my favorite exacta....stupid work trip.

    1. oh, wow- Thanks so much for posting this! I have a craving for some good greek food, so this is perfect timing! I can't wait!!!

      1. St. Sophia's near Valley Forge is also having theirs this week.

        Its just off 422 on Trooper Rd.

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        1. re: xtownj

          I'm headed that way now! So excited! It was so good last year I went twice that weekend!

        2. Made it at 4:00P today. The moussaka was outstanding ( lovely bechamel on top of well-seasoned meat and eggplant) if not entirely authentic as they use ground beef rather than ground lamb. Mixed-vegetable side dish also very tasty.

          Will definitely put this place on my Friday lunch list. Those church people can cook!

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          1. re: Seeker19104

            Anyone know if they're doing this again? Can't find any info online.

            1. re: travers

              They have not updated their web site this year. I have not heard anything yet so I may have to call the church if I do not hear anything about it in the news. I can't miss the lamb on the spit!

              1. re: bluehensfan

                The festival at St. George will be Thursday, June 3rd thru Sunday, June 6th -- 11 am to midnight. Lots of Greek music (various groups) playing on Friday and Saturday nights.

                1. re: chowinpa

                  That's great to hear. Thanks for posting that. I figured they just never updated their site. I still have to put in another plufg for their's the best!

                  1. re: bluehensfan

                    Anyone know if this has started? I have not heard a peep of it in the news...

                    1. re: bluehensfan

                      I heardsomething about agreekfestival today on Wstw, so there's one going somewhere

                      1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                        That's the one in Wilmington. Not bad...but alas no lamb. Thanks for the post!
                        I did call up to St. George's in Philly and they said the festival is on for this weekend so it looks good!

                        1. re: bluehensfan

                          We went last night and it was great fun! The food was very good -- felt like I was back at the Symposium restaurant on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Lamb shank with green beans in tomato sauce and orzo washed down with Greek wine. There was also a selection of kebabs, salads, etc. We had Greek coffee and kataifi (shredded wheat pastry) for dessert. There was live entertainment -- Greek music and dance. Whole multigenerational families were there so it had a European feel -- not the typical age-segregated evenings we Americans "enjoy."

          2. For those that missed the festival, you can still eat Greek food at St. George's on Fridays. They serve lunch every Friday from 11:00 - 2:00 (I think it goes til 2, but you can call the church to check) and it's mostly the same food as the festival. Went with coworkers last Friday and everyone was very happy -- foodwise AND pricewise. It's very low-key and mostly run by church ladies, but it was novel and the food was good. Offerings: lamb shank, salmon, chicken, moussaka, spanakopita, orzo, Greek salad, and various vegetables, with coffee and desserts. All for $10.00 or less!