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May 27, 2009 03:49 AM

Miami Restaurants- my thoughts

Have been in Miami since Sunday evening and eaten out lunch and dinner every day- here are my thoughts so far:

Weber Cafe, Aventura: Great ambience, good food but very expensive.

Lennys Place (brunch)- Good for cheap breakfast- food ok, not too bad, not too good.

Bissaleh Cafe- Good food, really nice waiters, great hours!

Seventeen Restaurant (south beach)- our favourite so far! Great waitress, really nice owner and food was amazing.

Sara's pizza- terrible, terrible, terrible. Food was brought and french fries were cold. I complained and they brought me back soggy microwaved fries. Asked for new fries. menu is huge and nothing we had was good- not even pizza! To make matters worse, the owner/ manager (sara herself perhaps??) started screaming at her worker infront of us. i will not patronise a place where someone treats their workers poorly and rudely infront of customers (reminds me a lot of pizza crave in teaneck.. i dont go there either..)

Any thought on nice dairy places? Cinne Citte maybe? or Lofty Latte? or Tasti D?

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      1. re: marissaj

        I wonder if Jack still owns Saras or if this is new owner/management

        1. re: berel

          no idea, but my mom got pizza which was old and had been reheated like 5 times, i got some southern fry fake chicken thing which was not good at all and my dad got the burger which apparently was ok. oh, but the soups were decent which was good.

          1. re: marissaj

            After eating my way through Miami some further thoughts:

            Picanti Cafe in Aventura does excellent falafel and burgers.
            Cinne Citta Cafe is excellent food, service and very impressive.
            Yotvata is really good- good menu and very sweet waitresses
            Lofty Latte is great- fresh fresh food, but cookies werent that great.

            BTW: Tea for Two in South Beach has changed it's name to Seventeen and again I must plug this place which has been one of my favourites so far!

            1. re: marissaj

              Tasti has good food for lunch. The salads are better than Lofty Latte ,although they are more expensive. Their breakfasts are quite enjoyable as well. china Bistro has excellent food,as well. Sam's Grill has very good burgers. I especially enjoy their cheeseburgers. Their service is great. Sylvia is an old time waitress,hailing back to the Crown. She cares and is great.

    1. i went to 17 on Saturday night. we got there at 12:00am, and it closes at 1am. we were the only ones there except for 1 other table of 3 people.

      we ordered 1 salad, 1 soup, and 5 rolls of sushi. it took 30 minutes until we were served!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      on top of that, they rushed us through our meal!!!!

      on top of that, the waitress gave us the wrong sushi and we had to figure out what each one was so that we could sort out whose was whose!!!!!!!

      on top of that, they gave us the bill with a 18% tip included. normally this wouldn't bother me except for 2 things, the service was terrible and nowhere on the menu did it say that it was going to be added in. so i went to the manager and told him my feelings, and he said that i did say it on the menu, and then he couldn't find it. it turns out that they gave us the to-go menu, but that's not my problem. then i complained about the service and the waitress showed up and got really pissy with me.

      in the end they took the tip off the bill, and i paid the check, and i was happy that i got my point across, however i did leave 18% on the table to avoid a "chilul hashem" because i was wearing a yarmulke, and the waitress was obviously a non frum Israeli.

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      1. re: kiddush hopper

        If you were not satisfied with the service then don't leave a tip or leave a small one. I can see the waitress laughing all the way to the bank. Here you go and complain about the automatic tip and the service and in the end you cave in and pay up like a nice little boy.
        This has nothing to do about "chilul Hashem", she probably couldn't care if you were frum or not. All she is interested in is her money. You can rest assured that her next customer probably got no better service than you did. Why should she change? She gets the money anyway.

        You had a chance to make a point but blew it. As we say here in Israel-- Chaval, its a shame

        1. re: sja

          Interesting.. we had a much better experience at 17. We had a Spanish waitress she was super sweet...

          1. re: sja

            i agree with you, except for the fact that i complained about everything to the the manager. now he knows to watche out for more problems with her.

          2. re: kiddush hopper

            i'm sorry to hear this. we've been to tea for two a number of times, an always been pretty happy. this may have been a one time aberration... as marissa j seems to have had a good experience there. i guess only time will tell.

          3. I love China Bistro at the Waterways in Aventura