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May 27, 2009 03:29 AM

Birmingham Alabama

Must go to Birmingham on biz. What's the best for that city? Any local specialties I've never heard of? I'm staying downtown by the convention center. I'm also scouting for restaurants for a future business meeting. We have some real gourmets at our company, so your help would be great! Thanks Hounds!

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  1. The best in the city? Hands down - Highland's Bar & Grill. Frank Stitt, owner & chef, was a finalist for a James Beard award this year. It's fine dining at it's best here. Other great choices - Hot & Hot Fish Club, Bottega, Ocean. Just do a search in the "South" section. There are several threads that cover all the bases.

    1. If you're downtown, make a reservation for Cafe Dupont. Fine dining, Southern/New Orleans style. Same goes with The Veranda on Highland.
      In that area of Highland Ave. you have Highlands Bar and Grill, Hot and Hot, The Veranda, Chez Fon Fon (another Stitt restauranmt, a bistro), Bottega (Stitt again; Italian) and sister restaurants Ocean and 26 are within walking distance. At one end of that loop is The Garage, a funky bar (cash only) that had gained some national prominence. You must sit in the courtyard there for the full effect.

      1. Highland's is the best. Period. Bottega (casual cafe side and formal side) Hot n Hot are also good. i always enjoyed Sol y Luna and Cosmo's pizza when I used to live there. Can't go wrong with Highland's though.

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          Thanks hounds! Now could you follow that up with non-fine dining mid level restaurants downtown, and also close-by? My company is staying in the convention center area.