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May 27, 2009 03:28 AM

Loose tea in Charlotte?

Is there anywhere in Charlotte that sells a variety of loose teas? Thanks!

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  1. Don't know about Charlotte but there are several superb on-line sellers of tea. Three of my favorites are I've purchased from all three for years and always been very pleased.

    They offer a wide selection of teas, always fresh & of excellent quality. You can buy samples of teas that interest you for $1 or $2 so you can try before you buy. The service at all three is first-rate & the sites are informative & easy to use. HTH

    1. Tea Rex in Atherton Mill off of South Blvd. Great selection of loose tea. Go quickly since they are closing the shop in June and going on-line only.

      Tea Rex Teahouse
      2102 South Blvd # 150, Charlotte, NC

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      1. re: Cutter

        Thanks..I thought they had already closed. I'll check them out soon.

        1. re: Cutter

          This is sad news. My wife and I have been regulars at Tea Rex for years, and we always make a point of stopping in when we're back in town. I'm glad to know they will continue their online business, but we will miss hanging out with Wayne and Chris at the shop.

        2. Teavana in the South Park Mall. It's near Macy's. I used to purchase all my loose leaf tea there, but have now transitioned to buying from the internet since they stopped carrying my favorite.

          However, teavana does have a nice selection.

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            I was going to recommend Teavana as well, but mike beat me to it. There's one in Raleigh as well.

          2. Urbana Spa & Teabar on Hwy 51 @ Carmel Rd has an entire menu of loose teas & organics. Staff is well-versed and helpful.

            1. Believe it or not I would recommend New Century Market at Asian Corners strip mall on Tryon and Sugar Creek. They have an entire aisle of loose tea at a very good price. Oolong, jasmine, white, green, black and even dragon phoenix pearl and the like.

              Make sure you're in 4WD to deal with the parking lot.

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              1. re: friek

                Seriously, pot holes the size of Crater Lake.