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May 27, 2009 02:17 AM

Signature dish from Michael Mina at St. Francis???


I am going to bring my friend to Michael Mina for her special birthday. I am planning to order 3 courses meal for both of us. I am trying to figure out what are their signature dishes. For myself, I am planning to order their Ahi tartare, lobster pot pie, and Root beer float. For her, I have only can think of the 6 dishes foie gras. Can anyone please let me know what other signature dishes do they serve. I am trying to find another dish for the 2nd course and a third course desert. Please help me out.

PS: Recommendation does not have to be from the menu, but must be from michael mina.

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  1. I'm not sure he has a single signature dish, but he is quite well known for serving an item "three ways". In the instance of the Foie Gras it would be with sweet, salty and savory preparations in both hot and cold versions. Absolutely decadent. Personally when I go to MM at the St. Francsis I would recommend ordering things that are prepared "three ways" if you are not ordering the prix fix menu. Btw, you can change up the prix fix menu if you ask. We substituted the foie gras three ways for the regular foie gras course (we shared a bottle of 1967 d'yquem between two of us so we needed a course to last awhlie).

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      The citrus dessert three ways is great. But if you are root beer float fan, his version with his chocolate chip cookies are to die for. Root beer with homemade ice cream and sarsparilla sorbet with gooey chocolate cihp cookies. Delicious.

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        Have anyone try their ice cream bon bon? are they good?

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          Yeah, good, not exceptional. How bad can an ice cream bon bon be, anyway.

    2. If the foie gras and wagyu beef shabu shabu is an option, go for it!