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May 27, 2009 01:51 AM

Biscuits and gravy for breakfast

Are there good places to get biscuits and gravy for breakfast? I heard that Craigie on Main and Tremont 647 might serve them for brunch. Has anyone tried their versions?

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  1. Can't comment on those versions but the Plough and Stars in Cambridge serves them up for brunch Saturdays and Sundays and I've found them to be quite tasty.

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      Went to Plough and Stars today for Brunch. The biscuits and gravy were definitely better than Highland Kitchen's, but still not something to write home about. The biscuits were good, the gravy was very salty. I'm glad I went though, the potatoes were great (rosemary roasted?) and the server was super nice!

    2. I'm not an expert but I've always liked the version at Johnny D's (weekend brunch). Great oatmeal too.

      1. I loved the Craigie on Main version (sausage, biscuit, gravy, eggs) at a recent Sunday brunch. The biscuit had an unusual combination of crunchy exterior and very tender crumb. I would definitely order it again.

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          I was going to bring up CoM's dish. I wouldn't order it if I was really jonsing for the sort of stuff that I remember growing up, but it was quite good. Sort of as if biscuits & gravy grew up and got all sophisticated.

        2. There simply isn't anything in town as perfect as the old sweet potato biscuits and gravy at the B-Side. I have heard unconfirmed rumors that the recipe will be revived once Lord Hobo opens in the old B-Side location. Fingers crossed!

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            They have them at Deep Ellum although I have not tries them.

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              I wouldn't recommend them. The gravy is okay, but the biscuits need help. Too crunchy.

              1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                Crunchiness I can deal with. Cinnamon flavor in the biscuit or egg or sauce or wherever the heck it was was my complaint. Someone should be able to do this right, at a good price.

            2. re: cambridgejen

              The chef from the B Side is now at The Independent in Union Square and serving up those Sweet Potato Biscuits with gravy for brunch.

            3. I tried the biscuits and gravy at Craigie on Main last week. It was not a traditional recipe -- brown gravy as opposed to white. The biscuits weren't melt-in-your-mouth, and they could have used more butter. They resembled rolls more than traditional biscuits. The sausages seemed very fresh, as though they were made that morning, but they lacked the spicy, salty, sweet addictive flavor of the kind of sausages you remember and crave. I ordered the eggs scrambled, and they were well executed: soft and gently cooked in the French manner.