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May 27, 2009 12:06 AM

Best bar-b-q brisket and chicken for a party?

Not interested in ribs....just brisket and chicken.....Where's the best? I like the brisket with a bit of a crispy edge to it. Feeding about 50 people, so how it travels for a party vs. a meal at the restaurant is a consideration. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. Call up BigMista or go to one of the Farmer's Markets that he sells at, try some of the goods.

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      1. We just did a party for 45...catered (partially) by Dr Hogly Wogly...brisket, chicken, ribs, mac salad and beans...They delivered to Brentwood free of charge (over $300) in hot boxes that we were allowed to return the next day. Perfect...copious food...more than we payed for...and great service. What more can you ask for!!

        FYI...This is the fourth time we have used them for delivered BBQ at home and they have come through every time...The delivered food is as good as that in the restaurant.

        1. Gary Notley, Notley Que BBQ. They have a website. Out of San Diego, will cater, the BEST brisket I have ever had...

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          1. Texas Monthly Magazine just named Snow's as the best BBQ in Texas, and they mail order both brisket and chicken. (Just got some I ordered for a large party this Saturday.) Not local, but I bet it's good: .