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May 26, 2009 11:20 PM

Unique theatre concession foods

Hi all

I was recently relocated to a new coastal town in Kenya, and yesterday when I went to the movies, I was amazed at the variety of items available at the concession stand, and at the price as well (drawback is we don't have the latest movies - Angels and demons just came out last week for us).

Here in Mombasa:

1) Chaat - a whole range of Indian chaat favourites - bhel, bhel puri, dahi puri, samosas, vada, sev puri etc
2) Coffee and cake - a full range of hot chocolates and frou frou coffees plus a selection of pastries and cakes including browinies, mousse, devils food cake, black forest gateau, eclairs, viennese biscuits and chocolate croissants
3) Sundae bar - make your own ice cream sundae with a choice of mixed toppings - 20 different ice cream flavours all home-made by the Italian who runs it
4) Magic corn - Standard buttered sweet corn with additional flavours on request
5) Popcorn - in addition to the usual sweet and salted, we get spiced masala which is sprinkled with a dry mix of chilli powder, turmeric and ground coriander and cumin

Average prices run from 50 cents to 2 dollars for the various items, and a movie ticket is from 3 dollars to 7 dollars depending on the day

They also have hot dogs (no pork as it is a primarily muslim town), nachos and the usual range of chocolates and ready made ice creams

So do you get unique concession items at your theatre? Price?


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  1. Well, there are a couple of theaters around Dallas that don't have standard theater seats but have tables and chairs and waiters and menus instead. My personal preference is to do that at home where I can push "rewind" if I miss something.

    But I like your movie theater! Mombasa sounds like a great place to live!

    1. I will say I was quite impressed with the sweet popcorn option when I went to movies in the UK. Kinda like kettle corn. I have also been to places where you have table service. If I remember correctly, they also served beer and wine (this was in MA). Here in western NY we still have a few drive-ins so the food choices are whatever you bring! Make your own sundae would be a hit with me!!!!

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        We still have a few drive-ins open here too...moved up from the heavy speaker attached to your window, now you tune into the movie onto an FM station. Most people bring coolers and picnics etc, but they also have a fully operational food area.
        There's a bar that unfortunately never seems to have cold beers or ice. The food area sells all manner of hot dishes, from chicken tikka and kebabs, to burgers, toasted sandwiches, chips, pizza, indian chaat and very overdone steak. Its become more of a social gathering than a movie watching experience, but still enjoyable.
        And due to our weather here in Kenya, we can enjoy it all year round.
        The table service experience sounds interesting, however I wonder how much I'd enjoy it with my attention torn between 2 things.

        1. re: waytob

          Eons ago, when I lived in Las Vegas, we had a convertible, andit was great fun going to a drive in movie in that. Generally, drive in movie food in the US sucks. Well, most movie food in the US sucks. But for the Las Vegas drive in, we'd stop at KFC and pick up a bucket of chicken and some cole slw and fried, Cokes for me, beer for him, then park in the middle of two parking spots with the car pulled really far forward, a speaker on each side window with the top down, then sit in the back seat with the fron seats pushed forward as foot stools. Certain times of the year when the heat of the day settles down to feeling like velvet at night. It was glorious!

          These days I don't much like movie theaters of any sort. I always seem to go on crying baby night! They don't seem to make many good movies these days, so it's just as well I have a giant screen TV. I can have popcorn with great movies from "yesteryear," have any kind of food I'd like with the movies, and NO crying babies! What could be better than that? Do they allow crying babies in movie theaters in Kenya? Maybe I just live in the wrong part of the world! '-)

          1. re: Caroline1

            Movies here can be a very interactive experience, just like in India. People cat call, wolf whistle and in Indian movies sing along to the songs. I generally start sobbing about halfway through as do half the people in the theatre....more salt for the popcorn I suppose.

            We don't have any American fast food franchises here...theres no Mickey D's, KFC, Pizza hut etc etc. Recently there has been a proliferation of fast food chains from South Africa (Steers, Debonairs, Galito's etc) and alot more processed foods in our supermarkets as well...result a new generation of obese kids sprouting through.

            For drive ins we would pile into the back of a pick up when we were kids. Mothers and aunts would make thermos fulls of spiced chai, there'd be thepla (spicy shapati) with pickles, a whole range of savoury snacks and samosa's. Meat eaters would go out back to get their chicken.

            We have limited entertainment options however so a twice a month movie is pretty much a given, no matter how bad or how good. Despite our limitations though, I wouldn't give up the fresh sea air, 26 degree centigrade temp and fresh seafood right off the boat for anything

            1. re: waytob

              As Ler,ot ised tp somg.(waaaaay back ehn Jim Henson was young), "It isn't easty being green." I am so envious of your seafood!

              When I lived in Turkey way back when Jim Henson was young, It was great fun to occasionally go to a Turkish move theater to see dubbed versions of Tarzan movies. Watching Tarzan swing through the jungle on a vine, drop to the ground, then say, "Merhaba, nasilsiniz?" No grunts, just the formal greeting. The Americans in the audience would cheer!! But I have no recollection of any food, but there was really great muz gazus, a banana soda I wish I could get here! I loved that stuff!

      2. well it costs a fortune but my local independent movie theater in Brookline, MA, has a ton of options- healthy gourmet baked goods, all different kinds of spices to sprinkle on popcorn, a full espresso bar... in addition to the usual candy etc... and ice cream. I love that place. I can't afford it! Prices run how they would in a fancy bakery or something I guess. Prob around $3 for a brownie.

        1. so this might be cheating, because I no longer live there, but the Arlington Cinema and Draft house in Arlington, VA, has table service. It serves decent (bar style most nights, but on wine tasting nights a bit higher class) food, cheap beer (extra cheap by the pitcher), and wine. The tickets are only $5 and it's a fun experience. Oh, and a plus at the time, smoking was allowed....

          1. When I lived in British Columbia, we got sausage rolls at the movies instead of hot dogs.