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May 26, 2009 09:19 PM

quirky post-wedding brunch spot?

a friend is getting married and trying to plan a brunch for the day following the wedding. he's looking for something casual and nothing too traditional or uptight. there will be about 20-30 people. since people will be from out of town, he wants a place where he can relax and still show family a classic piece of los angeles. anywhere from santa monica/venice to hollywood/downtown, but not valley or south bay. price point - $30-40/per person. i know it's a bit vague and super broad, geographically speaking, but any ideas? i could only come up with dim sum in chinatown.

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  1. There are a number of places in Venice that might work, especially if he and his bride were to sort of set up shop and let others drift in and out for drinks and brunch. Joe's is classic, Lilly's has an outdoor garden, Hal's is more a casual bar and grill setting. Gjelina has fantastic food and is quite popular, similarly AK. 26 Beach is a comfortable place to hang on a Sunday morn with great french toast. Rose Cafe has a more beachy, hippie vibe.

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      i can't imagine gjelina, or joes or 26 beach allowing anyone to just "set up shop and let others drift in and out for drinks and brunch" on a weekend unless the party offered a huge financial guarantee.

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      1. I would contact the hotels on Ocean and talk to the catering managers. Most all serve brunch, and in this economy, they may work with you in the price range you're looking for by setting up a small room with a limited menu to fit your budget.

        One Pico @ Shutters, Loews, the Georgian or Fairmont or even call the Viceroy across the street, I beleive they're all looking for this kind of business right now. Good luck!

        1. The Gospel Brunch at House of Blues on Sunset is really fun. It's only on Sundays, which would work if he was getting married on a Saturday, also it's kind of a show, so talking is sort of difficult. It is, however, definitely not traditional, and all-you-can-eat.. No idea what the cost is.

          1. I recently went to Grub and thought the place was quirky, cute and casual, plus the food was great. I know they serve brunch on the weekends. The place looks like an old Craftsman house and there's a patio as well.

            911 Seward St
            Los Angeles, CA 90038
            (323) 461-3663