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May 26, 2009 08:27 PM

Osogood Sandwiches - actually good sandwiches!

Everyone seems to be dishing out sandwiches these days but I've found it's hard to find a place that actually pays attention to all the little deals that make a great sandwich. So I was really happy to find this odd little place on College between Dovercourt and Ossington. The whole cafe is virtually a walk-in closet but they've managed to fit in a small bar near the window for a few seats and even a lower counter with some toys and books for kids.

It seems to be run by a nice Asian lady and there's some great variety of sandwiches, the combination look both varied and exciting - I had the chicken and apple but the spicy crab and meatloaf also caught my eye.

I had:

Chicken and apple sandwich ~$7 - Was superb! The bread was a nice fresh multigrain filled with a very generous mix of chicken salad, apple, peppers, sprouts, and lettuce. Very, very fresh and I really liked how everything was chopped up into nice chunks so you can taste what you're eating but not so large that you couldn't take proper bites. I can't recall a more pleasant 'homely' sandwich I've had outside recently.

I also couldn't resist a pumpkin square ~$3 that was also very nice, a substantial layer of pumpkin filling on top of a tightly pressed crust that was very buttery. The crust could be a little lighter so I could actually break it with a spoon but I was happy to just stuff bites in my mouth.

There was also other great little treats, a blueberry tart, cookies, and mini rice crispy squares (obviously for kids).

While the 'look' of the place looks a little dilapidated (handmade marker on paper for signs, odd little bins holding all the goods) I'd very much recommend this place to anyone looking for a fresh baked treat or even more so a great sandwich. A few signs also advertised the fact that she made everything from scratch, which is admirable, yummy, and healthy!

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  1. This is a true gem. Osogood was picked by beyond burgers and featured a nice write up and interview:

    What makes it so special is the TLC and obsessiveness of the adorable owner. She is a perfectionist and although she may not have all the business or marketting skills to "jazz" the place up, she is passionate about what she does. She told me she quit her day "Joe Job" to pursue her love of baking. My partner bought my birthday cake there. It was a dark chocolate raspberry tart. I couldn't believe how wonderful it was. She charged something like $15 for it. I can't remember the price but it was very low for the quality. Her breakfast cookies are buttery and loaded with chocolate chips, raisins, seeds and nuts. I have tried almost every sandwhich and have been so satisfied after each one. She painstakingly makes all her fillings (chicken salad, tuna etc) from scratch. Brie is also a sandwhich filling which is creamy and abundant. I wish this spot all the best as it truly deserves it.

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      i agree. when i used to go to the Y at College and Dovercourt, i would take out the meatloaf sandwich for lunch after. It was delicious. Not sure how much more volume the owner can accomodate though, it is a one woman operation. I've never tried her baked goods, but she seems to have a steady and loyal clientele, despite her more ritzy neighbours (pantry, fromagerie), which testifies to the quality of her food.

    2. That chicken and apple sandwich is one of my favourites. Also the one with pecans and cranberries is good. When I walk home from work at 2am I often see her baking away inside, windows all steamed up, I'm glad people support small business in this area.

      1. Have to agree with everybody on that chicken and apple sandwich. It was totally worth the $7.

        I also had the key lime tart with blueberry filling and a cheddar lintzer cookie (I was so intrigued by this one. Turns out she mixes cheddar with the cookie dough. It kinda made sense after she told me. I liked the salty-sweet/tart combo.).

        I was so impressed with the owner too. She does make everything from scratch and she was generously telling me about how she made thecookies and the chocolate crust for the tart (No sugar, condensed milk, coconut, cookie crumbs.). She was telling me how difficult it is for her sometimes what with all the work and I almost cried telling her not to stop anytime soon because that was my first time there and I plan on trying everything on her menu.

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          Went there this morning and found the dear lady and her store exactly as described by the OP. She had not been to the market, so there was no meat loaf or curried chicken; but for the magnificent price of $14 I took home a huge chicken apple sandwich, two of her chive-cheddar biscuits and two generous pieces of apple-spice cake with fluffy cream cheese frosting. I would describe everything as tasty, what one might expect from a friend who enjoys baking: toothsome. Long may this little outpost of care and devotion flourish !

          1. re: Bigtigger

            I've *scheduled* a trip to Osogood next week and am actually excited to try more of the baked goods, which I'm usually completely uninterested in.

            Ha my sole motivation for posting that review was to drum up more business to make sure that the place sticks around!

            Osogood Pastry
            874 College St, Toronto, ON M6H, CA

            1. re: artificialard

              Is it going somewhere?

              I was there this week and got the chicken salad with cranberry and brie sandwich which I quite liked.