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May 26, 2009 08:25 PM

Real Chicago-style pizza in Edmonton?

I just got back from a trip to Chicago and I fell in love with the pizza!

Does anybody know a restaurant in Edmonton that makes these? I'm talking about a real Chicago deep dish pizza, with cheese on the bottom and tomatoes on the top, as in this picture:


P.S. Related: is there any place in Edmonton to get a Chicago style hot dog? (With tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, peppers, etc.)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the Chicago pizza, but sadly there's nothing here in western Canada that I know of that is close. The secret is the awesome crust they have there. If you are really desperate, Superstore actually sells a frozen deep dish pizza that is similar to Chicago but sadly still not even 50% close, but it's at least pretty tasty.

    Last time I was in Chicago I actually got a few frozen pizzas at the airport to take home with me :) It was only Uno's but still better than anything here in Alberta.

    1. haha, yea the crap served by the dozens and dozens of 'aaaaaaa chicago deep deep deep dish' joints in calgary is an absolute joke. the pies are no different than regular pizza except that the crust is about 2 inches thick (so you're just eating a bunch of bread). contrast this with real deep dish pizza, which is essentially a pie - thin crust with raised edges and lots of fillings (note that i didn''t call them toppings LOL).

      but, enough of my rant. to answer your question, no - i am not aware of anywhere that serves 'real' deep dish pizza in western canada. i think your best option would be mail order from somewhere like Malnati's ( ). Or, better yet, learn to make your own (

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        Enjoyed your "rant" [smile] ... I've been to Chicago but have never had their "pie" and wondered whenever I have had it out here [i.e. Alberta], "what is all of the fuss about" because I was generally quite disappointed ... your post explains why because I was not eating the "real thing"

      2. There is no Chicago-style deep dish, stuffed, or pan pizza in CANADA.


        Not just Calgary, Edmonton, Western Canada. None in the entire freaking country. NONE.

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          Not true, John!

          I am a transplanted Edmontonian now living in the GTA. We have 2 excellent choices nearby: Chicago Style Pizza in Hamilton and Chicago Pizza Kitchen, just north of us in Maple. The first one has the pie-type crust and the second offers the thick doughy variety.

          Both of them are excellent in their own way.

            1. re: John Manzo

              It may not help, but it shows that Chicago-style pizza does exist in Canada!

              So, why hasn't someone done this up right? Seems like there is a demand for authentic pie that isn't being met. Has there been any place in the past that has since closed?

              1. re: Chow_Down

                Well pace bogie, I have a very hard time believing that this is real Chicago-style. And pan pizza (a la Gino's East) isn't "thick doughy."

                There was an Uno in Toronto when I first emigrated (97) but it closed.

        2. Thanks for your insights and links, folks, looks like I'm going to have to make my own pie -- those recipes look great! If I ever end up at a Superstore, I'll try one of their pies (with my expectations at a reasonable level).


          1. Chicago Joe's pizza on 111 ave does not serve the kind of pizza you are looking for. But it is called Chicago Joe's. Check it: