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product loyalties you switched/abandoned?

Based on the related thread on products you are loyal to, what product loyalties have you given up and why? Did they change the formula, the product is no longer available, you had a bad experience, you found something else you liked better?

I used to be a hardcore skippy fan, but found that for me jif does taste more like fresh peanuts, and I like that taste better. I am still happy to eat skippy, but all things being relatively equal I mostly buy jif now.

this is the loyalties thread <http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/618963.

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  1. Skippy/Jif --> Laura Scudder's natural peanut butter (chunky)
    Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream --> Breyer's vanilla bean ice cream

    These changes happened during university, when many of us would pitch in to make a meal (each of us bringing/contributing something). The kids from abroad helped open my eyes the most to different (often simpler) flavours. I'm sure there are other products that don't quickly come to mind. I found the two mentioned above to taste better than what I was used to...and not surprisingly, the new favourites contain fewer, but better, ingredients.

    1. Three Crabs fish sauce was abandoned for either Squid or Golden Boy. They are just flat out better.

      1. I forgot. My brand loyalty to LAy's potato chips is shared with my loyalty to my switch to Spectrum Canola Mayonnaise. It changed my life. While always an excessive mayo slatherer, I eat bread just so that I can eat the Spectrum stuff. I can't even remember the brand I used to like! the one with the blue label.

        1. Grew up with Peter Pan PB, but after I got out on my own, and trying a couple brands, found I loved Jif. Oh, and mom got chunky - I get creamy!

          My mom was loyal to ANY Kraft product. Mayo, Miracle Whip, BBQ sauce, cheese, salad dressings, etc. Maybe it was because in the 60s there weren't as many options, but even when there were she would refuse to try any other brand. I pretty much abandoned my Kraft loyalties as and adult for 2 exceptions - the Deluxe American Cheese (she bought the ind. wrapped slices - ICK to me) and the French onion dip. If I'm not making my own dip that is my go to dip.

          My daughter loves La Choy soy sauce, and I don't. When she left the house I switched to Kikkomann, which I like better. I am still open to trying other brands though, and the more I learn the more likely I will find an even better one.

          With all the new products that bombard the store, I can't help but try new things all the time. Sometimes it is a waste of money, but just as many times I end up switching to the new brand.

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            Kikkomann is heads and shoulders above La Choy. This is not even debatable. There are better soy sauces than Kikkomann but it is a very good product.

            1. re: KTinNYC

              I agree with you! She came over and had some soup that she always adds soy sauce to. When she saw the brand she asked "why did you buy this?" I told here I bought it because it is far better!

          2. Schneider's Oktoberfest sausages. These used to be a favourite, a real German-stryle bratwurst, delicious when grilled with potato salad and sauerkraut.

            One day I noticed tha the package had changed, and, upon reading the ingredients, Idiscovered that they now contained ground chicken. Yech! Chicken has no place in a sausage of ths type. I don't care if chicken is more healthful, or cheaper (probably the real reason), but I want my Oktoberfest back!

            1. I recently rekindled my devotion to Bull's Eye Barbecue Sauce.
              I shied away recently in HFCS shame, tried making my own sauce and tried other brands but wasn't satisfied. Then Bull's Eye changed their recipe and cut out the corn syrup, and now we're back together.

              1. I used to buy Hershey's chocolate syrup, but recently noticed Nestle doesn't contain HFCS. So now I buy Nestle if I'm not making the trek to Trader Joe's.

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                  I've dropped all Hershey products due to the Sharfenberger/Schmidt debacle. The HFCS part is just a bonus.

                2. I grew up munching on Clausen dill pickles. Constantly. And continued that tradition until I went to my local Whole Foods in a pinch and go Bubbie's brand dill pickles.

                  I bought my Clausen pickles the other day and had to throw them out. Bubbie's is all I want now. I'm in love. Deeply in love. Damn, I wish I had some now.

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                  1. re: hyacinthgirl

                    Why are they so much better? I may have to try that brand, because Claussen is really good.

                    1. re: danhole

                      Bubbie's is more like a fresh kosher deli-style pickle -- the kind you'd get at a place like Katz's in NYC or Canter's or Nate N Als in Los Angeles. They have a less processed flavor. The only thing about Bubbie's that I don't like is they don't keep as well as a brand like Claussen, and they will continue to "pickle".

                      While I am a fan of Bubbie's, I find I don't eat them fast enough to warrant the price. I typically buy the Claussen baby dills.

                    2. re: hyacinthgirl

                      I was a Clausen fan too, but the skins seemed to be getting thicker, so I switched to Boars Head, which are also kept refrigerated. I have to try Bubbie's.

                      1. re: MsDiPesto

                        I noticed the thicker skin, too. Someone on another board told me to try the sandwich sliced Claussens, because I prefer Vlasic sandwich pickle, but my first thought was that they would be too difficult to eat on a sandwich. I guess if they are really thin it would be okay. Haven't tried Boar's Head - now I may have to try those too!

                      2. re: hyacinthgirl

                        I'm a big fan of bubbies, although I like the sweeter pickles over the dill

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                          I'm a die hard dill fan. Funny, this thread started me thinking about pickles and I happened to notice the Boar's head brand and so I picked them up. They only had the spears. I generally prefer whole pickles, the spears tend to lose crispness. Nonetheless, they were pretty good. They tasted like they came on the side of a decent deli sandwhich.

                      3. I switched from Bumble Bee tuna to Kirkland brand...thanks to this board. So much better!!!

                        1. I had been a bounty paper towel girl, till my father discovered Viva. I will only use Viva now. Someone insisted I try the Kirkland brand. they were nothing compared to Viva.

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                            viva is the cadillac of paper towels!

                          2. Shere Khan Indian simmer sauces- they reformulated to not only take away the seasoning I thought of as Indian but more than doubled the amount of fat and sugar/HFCS in each package.

                            So it now doesn't taste nearly as good and is significantly worse to eat from a health perspective.