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May 26, 2009 07:47 PM

LCBO - cheapo scotch

Heya, so I've had a look at the two posts below

But I'd like a value-oriented scotch. Primary purpose is to fill my (slightly crushed) hip flask.

Have been drinking JW Red, but feel I deserve better. (and it's always nice to try something new


Any advice?

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  1. If you state a budget, that would help. One person's "cheap" might not be the same as yours.

    You can get quality in the $50 range, Balvenie 10 yr old is a good example. Mccleland is a single malt that's only $30, the flavour isn't that complex though.

    1. Agree with aser. Need a budget. When I read "cheap Scotch", the first thing that popped up was LCBO blend. It's a hit and miss but sometimes very good. Also do you like blend, single, light etc......

      1. The best cheap scotch I know is Famous Grouse. Blended, but from great sources. Less than $30 for 750ml. It's very smooth, and I don't feel like I'm slumming it when I pour a shot.

        Next up is Te Bheag. Less than $40. More complicated than the Grouse. Also, it's "unchillfiltered", which to me means it gets cloudy sometimes.


        1. Acnoc 12 - Single malt and it goes for $65 a bottle. Really smooth, fruity and nutty. Not peaty. And compared to the Dalwhinnies, Balvinie and Mclellands it's a good price.

          That said, if you are putting it into a flask, I suggest you stay away from single malts as the stainless is going to taint the flavor.

          Stick with the blended scotches which tend to be cheaper. Although Aberlour is a great, cheap, SM scotch. $35 a bottle. And you don't feel guilty getting blind drunk off of it.

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            For value, I like "William Grant's Family Reserve". I actually prefer it to say, Johnnie Walker Red, and it's much cheaper.

          2. Weird.. so my reply disappeared.

            My budget is as small as possible - this is not a slow sipping plan, but rather a swigging brutishly plan.

            The flask is pewter - not sure if there's the same taste concern.

            I'll try either William Grant or Arbelour - and report back,