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May 26, 2009 07:41 PM

< 30 people wedding reception

We're Philly natives that have been in DC for a while but are planning a wedding in our home town. Looking for some suggestions for a reception dinner (none of that chicken dance thing - just good eats). Ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Do you have a price range? Center City or suburbs?
    Give us more info and we'll try to help.
    Possibilities that come to mind: Estia (Center City), Moonstruck (suburbs).

    1. I had my rehearsal dinner (about 30 people) at Fork. They gave us a private room, and worked extensively with us for the menu. The food was delicious (and there were actually choices for our guests!), and the service friendly and efficient. If you don't care about having space for dancing, I would highly recommend Fork.

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        I went to private party at Fork and had a great time. A small wedding reception in the private room would be supper classy. I just went there for dinner recently and had a wonderful meal.

      2. If the burbs are ok, I think the William Penn Inn would do a wonderful job.