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May 26, 2009 07:14 PM

Copenhagen on Student Budget

I'm moving to Copenhagen for my Bachelor degree and I have no idea where to eat. I'm in need of some advice and none of my Danish friends are foodies. I'm on a student budget, so I'm only going to splurge on insider recs. Without further ado:

- breakfast / brunch places? preferably around the University
- I heard rumours about a place in Christiania where they serve one dish a day made from all-organic ingredients, any idea what it's called?
- good sushi?
- a great cafe that serves pastry as well? I'm willing to go anywhere in the city for this one and I'm not picky about rickety chairs and the like
- a tourist-trap to take relatives from back home to for dinner - someplace with a nice view and stereotypical Danish fare, nothing shocking on the menu, nice decor, close to Nyhavn?
- last but not least, a nice little pub with a good variety of alcohol and light snacks? anywhere in the city

Basically, any food tip you might have will be much appreciated, even if it's not an answer to a question on the list. I am currently living on supermarket ready-meals for lack of inspiration.

Eagerly waiting for your input,

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  1. Hi Laura,

    First of all, don't know if you've arrived yet, but be prepared for even a "cheap" night out to feel like a splurge in Copenhagen if you're doing the conversions in your head all the time. It is a crazy expensive city to eat out in.

    Re the tourist trap, see my reply yesterday to another CPH visitor:

    There are good places in Christiania, but it's a bit of a rabbit warren (I find) and I'd recommend you have someone take you there who's been before. I believe I've eaten at the place you refer to but could neither tell you what it's called or how to get there again.

    Brunch in Copenhagen is very trendy, but tends to be a bit of a splurge and is very uneven. I usually make my own and invite friends if that's what I'm in the mood for.

    A terrific, girly tea place in Nørrebro with porcelain and scones and all is Tea Time (Birkegade 3, in the cellar).

    Wonderful pastries & cakes can be found at:

    Chantilly (real French pastries...pretty much the only place in Copenhagen
    )Amager Boulevard 127

    Johansens Konditori
    locations on Amagerbrogade & Gammel Kongevej

    on Christianshavns Torv and next to the Tourist Info near the train station

    None of these places really have proper seating areas, but they all have some concession to those who want to sit. Johansens probably does the best coffee/pastry combination, though Chantilly has a great coffee/pastry combo offer, since it's a bit off the beaten path.

    Sushi will cost you an arm and a leg in Copenhagen, so there's really nothing I can recommend on a student budget. Amager Sushi and Letz Sushi tend to be a bit cheaper.

    The best falafel in CPH, which is in reach of a student budget, is at Bibi's Diner on Rosengården, not far from the downtown/old bit of the university (is that the area you mean, or faculty on Amager)?

    Good luck!