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May 26, 2009 07:03 PM

Boston area places to check out ceramic and charcoal cookers?

I am thinking about upgrading my decade-old and disintegrating Weber kettle to either a Kamado-style ceramic cooker (e.g., BGE, Grill Dome, Dragon Fire Kamado) or a higher-end charcoal grill (e.g., Problem is that other than the BGE, I haven't located any dealers w/in 50 miles that actually carry them.

Are there any local hounds who would let me take a close-up look at a Grill Dome, Dragon Fire Kamado, or German Grill?

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  1. While I don't have any of the ceramic's you mention, I do have a Kamado.
    I'm in South Boston and you can come by to look at it anytime you like.
    I also have an electric Masterbuilt.

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    1. re: janzy

      thought there was a Barbeque store in Arlington that carries Green Eggs and other ceramic styles?

      1. re: teezeetoo

        I thought so too but just checked their website (BBQ Barn) and no they don't.

    2. Yankee Fireplace and Grill City on 114 in Middleton, next door to Richardson's Ice Cream. they have a great selection of gas and charcoal grills, don't know if they stock the one you mention though.

      1. You could kill two birds with one stone. Go to Freds Franks in Wakefield. He cooks his dogs on a BGE. I'm sure they would be happy to let you look at the grill and ask all the questions you want. Especially if you buy a monster dog :-)

        1. Home and Hearth in Hampton Falls, NH sells them and are great people to deal with. I don't think they sell any other brands though.

          I should probably add that upgrading from a Weber to a BGE is like moving from a bicycle to a motorcycle. The former is capable enough and sometimes fun but you can go much farther on the latter with far less effort.

          1. I used to have a BGE...they rock!

            The BGE website has a search for local dealers...they cite three pages worth (I did a 100 mile search from Newton). Here are the first few.....

            The Bar-B-Que Barn
            9 Dudley Street Place
            Arlington MA US 02476

            Natick Fireplace
            671 Worchester Road
            Natick MA US 01760

            EN-R-GY Saver, Inc.
            1470 Washington St
            Holliston MA US 01746

            North Shore Pool Supply
            152 Albion St.
            Wakefield MA US 01880

            Ferrari Pools & Patios and Spas
            35 Mill Street Central
            Marlborough MA US 01752

            Budget Pools
            1509 Newbury Street
            Peabody MA US 01960