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May 26, 2009 06:43 PM

Dinner with kids near Dupont Circle

My wife and kids are meeting me in D.C. after a meeting. We will be staying near Dupont Circle. Any recommendations on restaurants two foodies would love that would also love our kids?

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  1. If you want Italian you can go to Sette Osteria (they also have a great outdoor dining area which is perfect for a warm day/night).

    For a loud, boisterous French bistro you can go to Bistro du Coin.

    Both are perfect menu and atmosphere-wise for families.

    1. Zorbas (greek) on CT is a tasty, cheap, and fun place - great outside patio

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        Zorba's is a good recommendation. Also consider Moby Dick House Of Kabob (my personal favorite.) Casual-counter service, delicious, freshly prepared Persian food-Good value, big portions.

      2. What about pizzaria paradiso? Kids love pizza, and I think there's is the best in the city. Foodie parents can get one with more adventurous toppings. And they have some great beers.

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          It's good but the Dupont location is VERY small and usually has a long wait.

        2. Depending on the type of food you're looking for, Firefly might be a good option. It's an easy walk from Dupont Circle, I've always enjoyed the food there, and I have heard that they have a special children's menu that isn't your average chicken fingers/spaghetti sort of deal. If they took the time to create an interesting menu for children, I feel like they should be pretty kid-friendly.