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May 26, 2009 06:29 PM

St. Jacobs Tips?

Hi, NYChound heading to St. Jacobs on Thursday with my MIL. Looking for some yummy recs on things to eat there, bring back to the house to prepare (we'll be around for a few days) and some things worth bringing home with us.

I am definitely having an apple fritter :) Any rec's on honey or jam? Does anyone at the market sell good weisswurst?


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  1. "Same day" asparagus and summer sausage for sure. Picards is nearby and is well worth a visit.

    1. Lunch
      Get the house lager and the pork hock dinner.

      After the town.

      Farmers market. Get some summer sausage. We like the pork/beef mix best. You're looking for the stuff in the cloth "Skin".


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        Try to find a vendor with samples of the summer sausage out. I like the aged variety (I think it's all pork) but I don't think they call it 'aged', it has another name.

      2. The best Olive Oil this side of Athens is sold at the market, but maybe it's only on the weekends. Phone 519-580-0189

        From their website:

        Our products are sold through our Online Store and at our local St. Jacobs Farmers' Market from April to November [most Saturdays, occasional Thursdays]. We do not have a retail location.

        Since it is only occasional Thursdays, I would recommend that you phone.

        1. I haven't been in a few years, but my parents go there every year to bring back jars of their homemade horseradish. It is fantastic, very vinegary, very nice sharp tang and spiceness. Not exactly sure who they purchased from but I would assume any homemade horseradish would be better than some of the stuff that you get in grocery stores.

          1. where did you here about the apple fritter?