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May 26, 2009 06:24 PM

San Diego Dinners

I'm meeting relatives Monday in San Diego and staying downtown in the Gaslamp District.
I would like some restaurant suggestions, fish, steak and tacos. I would love a good taco truck or restaurant or fish tacos.

By the way we are not going to have a car, so something not to far, we can take a cab. TIA

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  1. "I would love a good taco truck"

    Mariscos German.

    1. Steak: Lots of choices within Gaslamp or short walk to just outside it. For my money the best choice is Flemings at 4th and K. A traditional steak house with excellent food, service, fair prices and very comfortable ambience. Less traditional is Cowboy Star a few blocks outside Gaslamp. Excellent steak, balance of menu OK, ambience=fun.

      Seafood: Very Expensive but probably worth it: Oceanaire. Less Expensive still good: McCormick and Schmick at Omni Hotel next to Petco. Still less expensive, a 10-15 minute walk from Gaslamp, and quite good (though you'll get disagreement on this) are Fish Market and Anthony's.

      1. There aren't really any taco trucks in the downtown area that I know of. Your best bet is one of the Mariscos German trucks but none are exactly that close.

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          The Mariscos German sit-down restaurant is much closer than any of the trucks and it is a reasonable cab ride from Downtown and can be done by bus as well.

          2802 Ocean View Blvd.

          If you're set on a truck they roll one into the parking lot at around 8 PMish...

        2. "steak"

          The Gaslamp is heaven for corporate steakhouses.

          I can't think of one we don't have. (or had: read LG's)

          1. Thank you, are there any good seafood places that are more whole in the walls?

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              Not sure if I would say "hole in the walls" but Point Loma Seafoods is quintessential San Diego and close to downtown/airport.

              Blue Water as well.

              Both would be the opposite of Oceanaire as far as atmosphere, crowd, attire, experience (excluding all three are very good).

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                Sushi Deli is cheap and closer to a whole in the wall

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                  Tin Fish may be what you're after. Very casual, next to Petco Park. Odd hours, and the food's good but not great, but it's got a great patio and you won't have a bad meal.

                  1. re: paprkutr

                    Across from the Tin Fish is a pricier place that serves seafood and steak: Lou & Mickey's.
                    I had some sweet crab legs and tender rib-eye that were...well...wonderful! You can dine in the lounge or sit inside at a table. Their patio is great for people-watching or to just soak up some San Diego nightlife.

                    Maria's Mexican Cocina on 4th is literally, a hole in the wall, and although it's not a Super Cocina, it's not bad either and I have had their Enchiladas Poblanas which were very good.
                    Here's their website: Parking is lousy so it's a good thing you don't have a car.