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May 26, 2009 05:58 PM

BBQ Rib Heads Up, Nashville Area

I just wanted to give people the heads up about a little place in LaVergne (southeast of Nashville) called The Lazy Pig. I never see them busy. The place is also easy to pass by without even noticing, as it’s set back from Murfreesboro Road. I found the place because I was driving by one evening, caught a whiff of what was coming from their smoker, and made an immediate U-turn to go and find that smell! Oh, it was glorious…

Generally, I don’t care much for pulled pork. I usually find it to be either too mushy or too dry so I never order it (Robert’s on Nolensville Road is the exception to this rule). What I order at The Lazy Pig (and keep on ordering over and over again) is the ribs.

How can I even describe the ribs? They are the most delicious meat I have ever tasted. What makes them so good? Well, they are incredibly tender. The meat does not merely fall off the bone (that’s not too special, almost anyone can make that happen), but you know the bit of cartilage above the bone that you gnaw on because of all the meat that clings to it stubbornly? The meat also falls right off of that. Their ribs are both the meatiest AND the tenderest I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. The told me that they smoke their ribs for 28 hours, and they are deeply, deeply flavorful. They offer two sauces on the side, mild or spicy (and the spicy means business). Their sides are good, basic stuff. They won’t disappoint you. Another thing I recommend is to get a small order of their smoked chicken wings for an appetizer. Share them. They are wonderfully juicy and flavorful as well.

Their prices are very reasonable. Considering their quality, their prices are downright cheap! However, if you go, be prepared for the fact that they have no soda fountain, so you will buy sodas by the can. Iced tea has free refills.

I am posting about this place because I never see them busy, and I want the word to get out about them. I really, really, really want them to last and keep making their ribs!

Run, don’t walk, to The Lazy Pig. Get the ribs.

Sarah M.

The Lazy Pig
5234 Murfreesboro Rd
La Vergne, TN 37086
(615) 287-1211
Mon - Sat 11 am – 8 pm

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  1. I hate to say this...but ribs that fall off the bone are overcooked. Ribs should be tender, but should offer a bit of a tug to get the meat away from the bone.

    Also...if they told you they smoke their ribs for 28 hours, they lied (although that would explain the overcooking issue). I don't think you can cook a rib at a low enough temperature to go anywhere near as long as 28 hours. I'd call their bluff on that one. Sorry.

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    1. re: JayL

      I know what you're talking about, but the meat is not at all mushy. Everyone I have taken there, including people who love BBQ that were born and raised down here, love the ribs and say things like "I've never had ribs this good ever, anywhere".

      I can't personally vouch for the 28 hour smoking, and it's not impossible I misunderstood the guy who was talking to me about the process. But one thing...He's not using a normal rib cut. These are not baby backs, or even spares. These ribs have a lot more meat attached than pork ribs normally do, They ARE ribs, just with a lot less meat than usual cut away. They are also incredibly delicious.

      Sarah M.

        1. re: jamiecarroll

          Is there something wrong with me that the picture there looked almost pornographic to me?

          Sarah M.

      1. re: JayL

        I am the owner of the Lazy Pig and I want say thanks for the good reviews. Second I want to clear up the misunderstanding of the cook time. The ribs are about a 15 hour process. Depending on the weather. We cook outside so the temperature is a big determining factor in cook time. ( if it's cold out it will take a little longer than when it's hot. 15 hours is the average cook time. ) The BBQ is anywhere from 15-20 hours. Reason being is we cook everything twice. It is a very extensive and time consuming process. Many a night I am here 2-3 times after we close to wrap the food and stoke the fire throughout the night. It is very tiring and trying at times. You try to always put out the best quality product you can and that takes time and devotion. The ribs are spare ribs. They are just a little bigger cut than normal. Since we cook them for so long they lose weight during the process so I buy what is called a 4 1/2 down spare rib for this reason. We don't trim any meat off we buy them from our distributor like that. As far as the overcooked comment, that is a preferrence. People like them falling off the bone and others don't. In a sanctioned competition I would be disqualified due to this. They require the meat to be a little tougher than the way I cook. I sell 3-4 cases of ribs a week ( that is 27-36 full racks. remember that we don't just sell them as full racks we also have plates and family packs so reach alot more than 27-36 people a week with our ribs.) and I've never had a complaint on them being too tender. When a rib is totally overcooked you will see the bones actually break down and you will find a gritty substance in the meat. ( bone marrow ) I've been doing this for a little over 6 years now and I've only seen this a hanful of times but it does happen. Thanks again for the comments and we are working hard at becoming La Vergne's best BBQ joint. We were named La Vergne's favorite restaurant in 2008 by the Ruthies awards and placed 3rd in best overall restaurant in Rutherford county voted on by the people of Rutherford. We will continue to the best we can at making all of our customer's happy.

      2. 28 hours?!! Are you sure they aren't cooking the whole pig? There would be nothing left of a slab of ribs after 28 hours.