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May 26, 2009 05:27 PM

Macao Trading or Bagatelle

Looking for weekend late night place to eat around 11;00p.m. that is still open and busy. Thinking Bagatelle or Macao Trading? Has anybody been late and what did you think? Other suggestions welcome.

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  1. Macao is jammin" late. Some dishes are better than others. The manilla clams are good, the croquettes are good. The fried rice is good. They have a nice downstairs too.

    1. The Cocktails at Macao are the most amazing drinks I've ever had. Seriously enjoyed myself!

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      1. re: tracyw19

        I drink kettle one on the rocks ,, its never amazing,,, Bar gets 3 deep upstairs and downstairs ,,

      2. Going to Macao tomorrow night....will report back what to order.

        1. Food last night was GREAT. Clams in a black bean sauce, Paella with seafood and the sizzling Shrimp. Had a side of Swiss chard with pinenuts and currants. Sorbet for dessert. All the food had so much flavor and the portions were a good size. I can't wait to go back to try more.

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          1. re: taboo

            glad you enjoyed the meal ,, all the clam dishes are good there