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May 26, 2009 04:42 PM

Wine suggestion for dinner party tomorrow?

I'm having a dinner party for my sister's 40th birthday party tomorrow. She is a vegetarian and the menu is below. I'm looking for suggestions for reasonable but wonderful wine(s) to serve.

First course: Morel ravoli served with truffle oil and parmesean cheese shavings
Second course: Sweet pea risotto, brussel sprouts with browned butter and salad
Dessert: Chocolate souflee - Port


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  1. Consider a nice grassy, spring-tasting Sauvignon Blanc. We just had a great one: from New Zealand, a Babich, but a good local wine store can make suggestions.

    1. A Sauvg Blanc like chicgail mentioned is definitely the way to go. Note though that New Zealand Sauvg Blancs are generally on the tarter side. The best in my book is Kim Crawford. A really good and decent alternative would be the Sta. Rita Sauvg Blanc from Chile, which Trader Joe's carry. It's $5.99 a bottle. Pomelo, from California, is also very good. Any whites from Sancerre or the Loire Valley are generally made with Sauvg Blanc, and it is milder and less grassy than the Kiwis.

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        Sorry, I missed the date of the party, but I must post anyway. The earthiness of the food you served would not (in my opinion) be complimented by most Sav Blancs. Kim Crawford (I like it super chilled with hummus on a hot day) is a grapefruit explosion and I don't like it with anything other than appetizers. If you recreate the experience I would suggest a red burgandy or red (versus black) fruited pinot noir. There are now great (cheap) Pinots coming out of Chile--go to Sam's and ask.

        In any event, your menu sounded great and I am sure