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May 26, 2009 04:15 PM

Dining in Southern Missouri

I will be traveling in Southern Missouri this summer and I am looking for places to eat(breakfast, lunch, and dinner)?

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  1. That covers quite a bit of territory. Can you be more specific about where, either towns or counties or even highways?

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    1. re: lemons

      I will be traveling between Wheatland, Ironton, and Cape Girardeau.

      1. re: NewtNewt

        Not sure what roads you plan to take but would add

        Cape Girardeau-drive a couple miles south to Kelso to Ray's
        A Slice of Pie

        1. re: NewtNewt

          Wheatland to Ironton could take you right through Dillard. I recommend the Traveler's Table.

        2. re: lemons

          My coworkers go absolutely nuts for cinnamon rolls from a place called The Rocking Chair in Conway, right off I-44. I don't usually feel like eating a cinnamon roll bigger than my head, so I tend to abstain, but they do look good.

        3. I had a great lunch in Dillard, MO at the Traveler's Table. Imagine solid Missouri diner food prepared by a very friendly couple trained at the California Culinary Academy. Everything was homemade and I mean homemade as their house is right next door. Odd hours. Call first.

          1. Becky's 254 Cafe outside of Galmey. Great food at low prices. Don't order the large tenderloin alone!

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              The Traveler's Table absolutely. Great food and a scenic drive down Hwy 49 to the restaurant next to Dillard Mill. Take a look at the web site of Wildwood Springs Lodge in Steelville and Bass Canoe, a great resort outside Steelville. Dillard Mill is wonderful too. It's an old grist mill with most of the machinery still in place.

            2. The travelers table stands out as very unique for this area.