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May 26, 2009 02:40 PM

Looking for a venue for a group meal in Rio

We need a restaurant in Rio where we can host a dinner for 16 people. Hopefully not super far from Leblon/Ipanema, but we can be flexible on that. I would prefer some Brazilian-inspired cuisine, or at least a place with a lot of character (no pizza). I have no idea of how much a good meal is in Rio these days, but I shouldn't be the most expensive restaurant in Rio. However, it is a work event, so needs to be a place with good service and relatively quiet so we can have a conversation. Maybe $R50 per entree? Is that feasible?
How much would it be to go to Gero, Roberta S or Olympe?


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  1. If you really would like to stay in the Leblon and Ipanema region of the Zona Sul, then here could be some options that you might want to check into:

    Garcia & Rodrigues - Fantastic french inspired-Brazilian cuisine with a nice wine selection as well. The restaurant below the deli should be able to accomdate for a larger group:

    There are also tons of churrascarias in Ipanema, Leblon, and São Conrado that you could try (Oasis, Porcão).

    Also, if you wanted to venture to other areas of the city, as well as look up other options in Leblon and Ipanema, you can try the Veja Rio site (if you read Portuguese).

    Boa Sorte!

    1. At the famous Churrascaria Porcao in Ipanema - you can arrange the "Sala Vip" (VIP Room) that can be private for your group.

      Churrascarias are enjoyable for groups. Lots of options on the enormous salad bar - lots of sides that come with the never ending parade of meats and chicken.