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May 26, 2009 02:28 PM


We are in midtown looking for some can't miss eating places lunches and dinners funky is good, off the beaten path, don't want pricey over the top NY city more real local good food. We love italian, middle eastern, seafood, greek and french fusion but reasonable in price. Under 50 pp. thank you NYC foodies

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  1. For Italian, I'm a huge fan of Otto (skip the pizzas but get the pastas and salads) or Lupa (Lupa is easier to get into for lunch). They're loud, crowded, delicious, and not too expensive. I think of the famous and trendier Italian places (Babbo, Scarpetta, etc.) are going to be out of your price range.

    For Middle Eastern, reports have Taim and Azuri Cafe competing for best falafal in town. I don't eat a whole lot of Middle Eastern food, though, so I'll leave that up to others.

    The best pita bread, though, has got to be at Pylos, a Greek restaurant (and you can get their excellent dipping sauces as well). I love their grilled fish, grilled octopus, and greek yogurt for dessert. And they also serve an excellent brunch as I found out a few weekends ago -- $15 for an entree, juice or alcoholic beverage, and coffee.

    For seafood, I like Aquagrill for oysters, Lure for scene, and Mermaid Inn's lobster rolls although some hounds like Mary's or Pearl's more. Skip City Crab, Sea Grill. Le Berardin is probably the best seafood in town but way out of your price range.

    For French fusion, the Jean Georges 2 course lunch deal cannot be beat at $28. Reserve for the formal room, it is served only Mondays through Saturdays. Modern French food with an Asian bent, and not too buttery or heavy, and one of the best restaurants in town.

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      thanks Kathryn, some good stuff here -look forward to trying a few.

    2. Katz's deli isnt gourmet but a cant miss in NY... Porchetta for some pork and crispy potatoes.... Upstairs at Bouley for some good meat, seafood, even japanese food.... for french
      Jean Georges, or Lucien for simpler fare, .. Middle Eastern across the river in Paterson on main st. its like little Syria. Big Nick's for a NY burger and NY flavor. Buddakan would be a good place for upscale Chinese-Asian. Aqua Grill has good seafood,, not sure if it's a cant miss, you can get good seafood in LA ,,, Ny Pizza see the threads,, you cant get good pizza in La,,,