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May 26, 2009 02:17 PM

Canned bamboo challenge

I try to be good about using up cans of food that I need to open for any given recipe, but today I've failed. I find myself faced with half a can of shredded bamboo and no idea what to use it in.

Most times, I use canned shredded bamboo in complicated Chinese soups that have 10 other ingredients, so I'm at a loss. How do people prepare this simply? The only thing that comes to mind is stir fried, with bok choy and ginger. Boring!

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  1. I've sauteed sliced canned bamboo shoot with lima beans -- the recipe I used was from the old Sunset Chinese Cookbook, but this is similar or better (I skip the ham). The combination is surprisingly good.

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    1. re: mshenna

      Would be good with shelled edamame too.

    2. Here is a good, if stupidly rich, combo.

      Cook up:
      1/2 roast duck from Chinese butcher, shredded
      bamboo shoots
      red curry paste
      coconut milk
      a vegetable
      and whatever you usually to do to wake up the curry paste....(nothing or a whole pile of stuff depending on your taste/time)

      Onto rice, vinegar cucumbers on the side.
      Run around the blocks 10 times.

        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          You beat me to the punch! Fresh bamboo lumpia would be a great light snack for summer weather.

          1. re: JungMann

            Ironically, that's how I ended up with half a can of bamboo in the first place.

            1. re: Pei

              Now that is funny! And I'm honored that you, JungMann, and I think alike!

              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                Had I known, I should have used the whole can and made enough to share, right?

                I think going with my "use what's in the fridge" rule I might have to stir fry it in sesame oil with Chinese celery and some pressed tofu, and maybe some shitake. But next time, mshenna, lima beans! My husband loves them.

                1. re: Pei

                  Yum. I am doing the same thing wrt using up existing food stores. I had half of a jar of bamboo shoots in chili oil. I stir fried them with regular celery and some leftover frozen edamame. A very successful recycling job, if I do say so myself.

        2. filling for vegetable potstickers ... maybe add some shitakes, scallions, a little ginger, perhaps water chestnut... whatever you have around

          1. i'm probably far too late to this thread, but if you're still looking for ideas, there's a pleasant, light thai salad that basically involves tossing shredded bamboo shoots with fish sauce, powdered chili peppers, scallions, cilantro, lime and toasted rice. you could also add toasted white sesame seeds if you want.

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            1. re: cimui

              That's it. Now I have to go get a few cans of shredded bamboo shoots this weekend & work my way through all these!